Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal?

Westinghouse TX-42F430S 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV with 4 HDMI ports for $849.99

How does a 42 inch, 1080p, LCD TV for under $900 with free shipping sound? The Westinghouse TX-42F430S is on sale at BestBuy.com for $849.99 with free shipping. With the exception of a few users who had problems with this TV, it gets favorable reviews for image quality.

The good news:  It includes 4 HDMI ports so you can hook up everything  read more »


Women think Retrevo is Fun. How Cool is that!

DivineCaroline, the popular blog for women and flagship site of Real Girls Media Network, has just nominated Retrevo for a “Love this Site” award. Now what makes this so cool is who nominated Retrevo and what category they placed us into- FUN!

Now this category may be a surprise to some but for us it’s a great appreciation of the DivineCaroline Editors and Community for their ability to “get it” and recognize that shopping is fun and Retrevo is a fun place to shop. You see, we work very hard to provide a simple and fun experience between you and your p  read more »


Is This the Start of a New Trend?

Yesterday we announced a partnership with PC World, a subsidiary of IDG, world's leading multi-billion dollar technology media company. With more than 8M unique visitors a month to its online property alone, PC World has been known for its test center, high quality expert reviews and news coverage of tech products (computing and electronics) since its incepti  read more »


Tiecon Update!

I attended Tiecon last Fri and Sat. Despite the economic uncertainty, the place was buzzing with entrepreneurs, bankers/investors, executives from hi-tech and non hi-tech companies and people with aspirations to do something different, something meaningful with their life and their careers. Keynotes from Chris Anderson, Peter Thi  read more »


April First Report From CTIA - No Fooling

It was opening day at CTIA today and no one was fooling around. I have to say this show is a lot easier to deal with than CES; much more manageable and less crowded. You could actually get a chance to check out the products at the booths and lunch in the press room didn't vanish at 11:45.

Speaking of the press room I ran into a Becky Waring, an old colleague who has a degree from MIT and has been writing a lot recently for PC World. She just finished a roundup of new wireless routers due to be published soon. One thing she told me that I wasn't aware of is how WiFi networks ca  read more »


Report From Showstoppers at CTIA

Retrevo is at the CTIA show in Las Vegas this week. CTIA is the big cell phone conference. Showstoppers is an event held at all the most popular tech conventions that brings the press and vendors together in a comfortable setting. The draw for journalists is easy access to the right people from companies with cool products. The attraction for companies is access to fish or rather journalist in a barrel. The fact that they always have great food helps lure in hungry journalists looking for a free meal. It's always a great place to see cool new stuff and meet interesting people.  read more »


Retrevo Closes $8M Financing!

What's the big deal about closing another round of funding? So many companies have received funding over the last two years so that's not a reflection of the viability or success of a venture. In fact, Erick Schonfeld over at Techcrunch just posted a nice article on venture funding of new-age (web 2.0, web 3.0 whatever you want to call them) consumer internet companies. Wow, so many companies  read more »


Another DTV Conversion Casualty

While reading  Etan Horowitz's new tech blog for the Olando Sentinel I came across a reader's comment that mentioned another fallout from next year's digital TV conversion and that is all those analog-based TV audio receivers. I've had many multi-band radios that have had a TV band that let you listen to the audio portion of a TV show. All those old radios will stop receiving analog TV signals next year. They'll all have to switch to digital receivers for TV audio. Just in case you want to read more  read more »


HD DVD Players Still Worth Buying

Keep your eye out for firesales on HD DVD players. If the price gets low enough these players might still make excellent standard definition DVD players. For example, the Toshiba HD-A30 has an HDMI 1.3 port and upconverts to 1080p. You might even be able to pick up a player that comes bundled with some discs.


30 Years of Innovation Comes to an End!

Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy on Feb 19th, 2008. What a ride. A brand known for innovation, cool products and great customer service couldn't keep up with the pace of innovation, differentiation and rigor needed to build and market today's sophisticated products. Not only did the company suffer from bad publicity and lawsuits related to their flagship product  read more »