What Choo Lookin At?

Its all Kanye Wests fault. Since hes started wearing those huge sunglasses, which, I might add, look like they totally block his vision, every Tom, Dick and Harry have strapped on a thick pair, enabling them to leer at women without being pegged for a perv. But according to Gizmodo, thats only the tip of the iceberg.

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Another Year, Another iPod

ipod.jpgAccording to sfgate.com, Steve Jobs is calling the Apples new ipod the seventh wonder of the world. Really its just an iphone without calling capabilities, but still thats not half bad. The ipod Nano lets users watch videos, but I wouldnt suggest that unless you carry a magnifying glass or dont mind going blind within 2 to 3 years. You can pick up a 4-gigabyte Nano for $149, and although Im not sure whats so wrong with the old Nano that Id need a new one, I can assure you soon cities will be a flood with them, carried by people with too much money and too little sense, or geeks who should have spent their money on some new, stain-free khakis.  read more »


Cruising The Net

Craigslist has afforded me many things: my apartment, my roommates, my job, and even most of my furniture. Ive known that I could use it to find a lost love, old friend, or new platonic social pal. But who knew I could have forgone all those pleasant encounters for some hard core action? Well, New Yorks Nassau County Police, for one, which have made over 70 arrests in the past year, often posting decoy ads or answering others, according to the New York Times. Yet Craigslist is in no danger of shutting down, since the federal Communications Decency Act of 1996 exempts Web site owners from responsibility for content posted by users. So what have we learned? Stick to the internet for porn, and to street corners and back alleys for, well, you know

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Is the PC / TV Combo for Me?

engadget begins their review of theCompass 47-inch 1080p PC / TV combo by saying it might not be for everybody, and I start to wonder, is it right for me?  read more »


Keepin' It Green: What You Thought You Knew

Treehugger gets comprehensive, compiling all the info you'll ever need to go green electronically. I've only gotten throught the second part of the first section, but already I feel enlightened. Well first I felt like an idiot, then I felt enlightened. Did you know that wasting electricity is possible even when your electronics are turned off? Since I was young my Mom insisted all electronics, including the television,be turned off when one left the room. This was a pain since, as mentioned in an earl  read more »


Pimp My Gadget: The King Midas Touch

goldenshuffle.jpgThis pimped-out product doesn't make much sense to me. If one can afford a solid gold piece of ipod fabulosity, then one certainly wouldn't own the cheapest type of ipod. geeksugar.com agrees,but in their review of Xexoo's 18 carat gold ipod shuffle they smartly point out that some people just aren't deterred by what may seem ridiculous. Remember pet rocks? Oh, and if shelling out $10,000 bucks for this little item is still not enough to satisfy you, soon there will be an updated version with diamonds.  read more »


Color Me Crappy

gadget-crayola-player.gifIt was Taco Tuesday at our IT Guys house, and everyone showed up, even the HR lady with her 9-year-old son in tow. He was exciting and engaged as a piece of furniture as he was glued to his hand held video game thing. In my day we had nothing to entertain us but each other. We spent long nights around the fireplace, sharing stories and drinking hot cocoa that grandma made. Thats a lie, I had Atari, but still, kids these days have no sense of social decorum. Crayola disagrees, and is unleashing a set of products,including an MP3 player,that will inevitably zombify the toddler set. Check out craves' opinion.  read more »


The Week In Woot - September 7, 2007

This week the folks at woot display their insecurities, do some digital downsizing, and get hot and heavy over a workout accessory.
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Is the iPhone a Bargain?

So here comes another news from Apple. In their usual style, Apple announced a complete upgrade of ipod line of products.  read more »


Ten Best Gadgets for Students

High Tech Extras for College Kids
Now that you've equipped all the students in your life with computers and cell phones you might want to consider one of these useful gadgets to round out the collection.
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