Nerd Alert

It's a long-term goal of mine to complete the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle. It's a very long-term goal of mine. I still can't finish the crosswords in New York Magazine. I'm a failed wordsmith. It's amazing I've gotten this far in my profession. Thankfully now that's neither here nor there, since Nintendo has come out with a video game version complete with hints, so I may reach my goal sooner then I thought.  read more »


Pimp My Gadget: Glass Gizmo

Youve just paid $10,000 bucks for a gold ipod shuffle. Now all you need to complete your electronic arsenal is a radio, but you've only $5,000 left to spend. What to do, what to do. ubergizmo.com offers an answer in the form of a $4,200 crystal Tivoli radio. Made by a Scandinavian Glass man, this version also guarantees perfect reception, so you're not just buying for looks. Now to spend that last $800...  read more »


Is There Brand Affinity in Consumer Electronics?

Japanese manufacturers (sony, panasonic, canon, sharp) have long been the established brand names for consumer electronics products until Korean manufacturers (Samsung,  read more »


HDTV is already obsolete

An article in EETimes reports that Japan Broadcasting Corporation has being showing what could be the next generation of high resolution broadcasting. They're are calling itSuper Hi-Vision. The new 8K by 4K or 7680 x 4320 resolution is 16 times higher than the current 2K by 1K or 1902 x 1080.  read more »


Mind Your Business

Gizmodo.comalways asks the importantquestions, likehow annoying is it to have to lock your computer every time you have to do number 1?I can answer that. Really annoying, especially since I have a bladder the size of a pea and drink an enormous amount of water each day just to combat all the coffee and soda I drink to stay awake.  read more »


It is Good for Consumers, Really!

FCC finally approved the rules for the new 700 MHz spectrum that will be auctioned off next year. Of course FCC is expected to raise as much as $10B-$15B from this auction but that's not the point. The most significant provision passed this time around is for "open access". 22 MHz of the 60 MHz spectrum will be auctioned off using "open access" provision which will allow any cell phone device and any software to work on the network built by an operator using this piece of the spectrum.  read more »


The Day In Woot July 20, 2007

Normally Id do a week recap, but today the folks at Woot have 20 new deals, which means among the totally unnecessary, ugly and outrageous gadgets, there must be some legitimately good buys.
poker.jpgExhibit A: Excalibur Plug and Play 6 Player Texas Holdem Poker  read more »


A Bigger, Badder Brain

I really do miss the old days, when exercise happened outside (not on the wii), poker was played with actual cards (not hooked up to a TV) and intellects were made with books and not game boys. Well, the old days are gone. kids today keep in shape with dance dance revolution and exercise their brain with quizzes and tests via game consoles. MSNBC Contributor Winda Benedetti tests the effectiveness of these electronic brain teasers.Her review is luke warm, as was her brain, according to the games.


The Best Lists of What's Wrong With the iPhone

The iPhone is a truly revolutionary product from a design and usability perspectivebut it's not without its flaws. I didn't buy one and maybe this is a way of rationalizing that decision but I recently ran across a few excellent rundowns of some of iPhone shortcomings from some veryknowledgeable technology observers. The List Highlights Despite reassurances that it just takes some "getting used to," the keyboard appears to be the most often mentioned complaint especially for anyone with man-sized hands.  read more »


Go Inside and Play!

I've expressed my distaste for active video games before, but my call for a return to the sedentary plug-in and play of my youth has gone unheeded. And now, it seems, the makers of the Wii are laughing in my simple, lazy face. At yesterday's E3 Video Game Conference Nintendo announced a fitness game/balance board combo, to be used for yoga, push-ups, aerobics, and more. The board will also act as a scale, measuring Body Mass Index, which may be a good idea.  read more »