It's Easy Being Green

Humans are inherently lazy. The consumer electronics industry knows this and profits off of it. When seeking enjoyment and entertainment, if it takes to long, we give up. Who wants to work at having a good time? Well, many people (unfortunately) feel the same way about going green. Theyre often deterred by the amount of effort it takes to be a consciencious and eco-friendly consumer. Or they lack the knowledge and know-how to do the green thing. Phillips Electronics understands our struggle, and offers a solution. According to Cnets blo  read more »


The World Traveler

Engadget introduces us to perhaps a smarter choice of cell phone - if youre a business man who does some serious business traveling - the Blackberry 8830 World Edition. It allows you to talk in more than 170 countries, and surf the web in more than 70.  read more »


Snail Mail

For some reason there are editors out there who simply do not accept press releases via email, which forces me to have the foresight and discipline to mail my attention-seeking announcements in advance so the editors receive them in a timely and relative manner. Ugh. But thanks to eSnailer, I can include snail mail in my email!  read more »


iPhone: The Competition Begins

I know I keep mentioning the iPhone, but this time Im just using it as a segway, so go with it. One of the attractive features of the iPhone is the YouTube feature, because apparently people are so bored and antisocial that they need to watch videos even when their not at home. Whats the point of leaving the house?  read more »


Where is the iphone Heading?

No one can argue that iphone launch had the sizzle that hasn't been seen before. Selling 500,000 phones in a little over a day (up to Saturday) is amazing. Consideringno 3G support,$499 and $599 price points and the fact that95% of the phones sold are the more expensive and higher margin version. This is new product introduction at its best.  read more »


First The Wii, Then This

I am a simple creature. I enjoy simple delights, like sitting on my butt playing Guitar Hero or taking a hike through the hills of Northern California. What I dont enjoy, is playing Guitar Hero while hiking through the hills of Northern California. The reason I love video games is because its like being completely inactive, a vegetable almost, but youre playing a game, essentially entertaining yourself with little to no effort. So why, oh why, are videogames becoming increasingly interactive?  read more »


The Week In Woot June 29, 2007

This weeks the folks at woot rework a classic saying while playing make-believe, trademark a new natural disaster, and show Al Gore whos boss. Did you just say kill two birds with one stone?  read more »


Pimp My Gadget: Things are getting out of hand...

Gizmodo.com just got an exclusive look at some really unnecessary eleccessories, courtesy of Swarozski and Philips. I don't know who pushed for this partnership, but it does prove, once again, that the Swedish Gem giant will stop at nothing to cover the world in crystals. and I for one am glad. Because honestly, the crystal covered cellie fad is dying down and I was wondering where to look next for some sparkly electronics.  read more »


Back To Our Roots

The self-proclaimed online tech gossip rag, valleywag, coming to you straight outta S.V. (Silicon Valley represent), is pissed at greenpeace and other long-haired hippy environmentalists about coming down hard on Apple for their apparent lack of greenness. Man, are they pissed. Apple forgoes an online rant, replying to the environmental smackdown by announcing some new green initiatives, reminding us that Steve and Steve were once hippies themselves.

WozniakS_Jobs_1976.jpg  read more »


The Week in Woot - June 22, 2007

This week the folks at woot settle some family business,prevent a crime,and find the key to salvaging your marriage.It's all about with a little help from some home and tech gadgets. Check it out.  read more »