Kindle Is Very Kool

Amazon's book reader launched last week to mixed reviews but personally, I agree with others who have said Kindle could be the iPod for books (unfortunately, minus the Apple design touch). In case you missed it, the Kindle which has been in development at Amazon for three years went on sale last week and sold out in less then six hours. Like the new Sony reader, it uses electronic paper that basically only uses power when loading a new page so when wireless networking is turned o  read more »


The Best Part about Working at a Startup!

A little before mid-night on Nov 18, Retrevo launched its next big innovation. This innovation dramatically simplifies gadget (electronics) shopping for masses. You see, consumer electronics category is inundated with constant technological innovation, price changes and obsolescence. It is daunting to take the shopping journey even for the tech-savvy consumers. You don't know where to start and when you do manage to start the journey and zoom into a set of products that meet your brand and feature preference, you are never sure which product delivers a good bang for the buck.  read more »


720P HDTV Is The Best Value in LCD and Plasma

If I was shopping for a reaonably priced HDTV and wanted to get the best bang for the buck, I would seriously consider passing on "Full HD," or 1080p and go for a 42 or 50 inch LCD or Plasma TV. First of all most people can't even see a difference between 1080p and 720p at distances greater than 8 or 9 feet. Secondly most programming coming over the air on cable or satellite is 720p or 1080i. High definition DVDs are the only reason right now to spend the extra bucks for 1080p. Retrevo's new Value Engine scientifically analyzes thousands of products along with features and prices to produce a Value Map that makes it very clear that 720p LCD and Plasma TV sets offer the most bang for the buck.  read more »


Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

A few weeks ago I was on a panel at Investor Business Forum when one of the venture investors attending the session asked "why is it that we see more entrepreneurs and even companies we fund founded by immigrant entrepreneurs"? I answered the question and it is not hard to understand why it is so. From 1513, when the Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon discovered Florida to French and German emigration in mid 19th century to emigration of Russians in late 19th century, Italians in early 20th century and Asians in mid 20th century, America has been the land of opportunity that has attracted talent, labor and intellectual capital from all over the world. And I would argue this has been the major driver behind the growth that has made America the super-power it is today.  read more »


How Much Energy is Longer Daylight Saving Time Going to Save?

Many of us have still not gotten used to the changed daylight saving time (three weeks earlier in March and one week later in Nov). And those of us who are at least aware have often rationalized the inconvenience by savings in energy cost (myself included). Yes, we will get used to starting work at odd hours and working at odd hours in the evening. But will we really save energy? There was an article in the journal today that covered this topic at length. According to Megan Barnett, the spokeswoman of US Energy Department "The jury is still out on the potential national energy savings". Well, that kills my excitement about the change in daylight saving implemented earlier this year.  read more »


Technology for Tykes

Gizmodo.com brings good news to parents and teachers and bad news to kids. The word on the street is that the new $100 kid-friendly computers will be ready by October, unfortunately for every Tom, Dick, and Harry Jr., access to porn sites will be strictly forbidden, thanks to included software. Regardless, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), the organization behind the plan, will be providing these low-cost gadgets to children in developing countries, so really, everyone wins.


   read more »


Big Brother Is Calling

The Tech Chronicles' Ryan Kimtakes on social mapping, listing the pros and cons of the big brother-type trackingservice that now comes (for only $2.99)with 25 Sprint and Nextel phones. Really his pros don't seem like pros. He fails to mention any real benefits, like when you have to meet up with a friend who is always late, you can avoid waiting alone for an hour at the cafe by mapping his progress to know when to leave your house. Or how about the safety benefits for children and their parents?  read more »


Pool Party

Its hard to admit, so Im just going to come right out and say it: Im from Long Island. Strong Island, if you prefer, or Lawn gisland, which I definitely dont prefer. Anyway, being from the island means knowing more that the average person does about cheesy backyard pools and faux tropical surroundings: the mini waterfall, plastic palms, and concrete shaded to look like lava rocks. Its a look that I wouldnt have chosen, but nevertheless, there it is.  read more »


Latte And Laptops

coff.jpg Here in San Francisco, every mom and pop coffee shop (I didn't plan for that to rhyme) has free wireless. Then, there's Star were not the man, I swear bucks, which offers, well, none. You better bring your headphones and something to read, or you'll be stuck sucking your espresso listening to the elevator music of some guy whose CD you can buy at the register. Well now, for some strange reason, you can get on the Internet in Starbucks, buck only to the iT  read more »



Cnet's daily download dishes on the multitasker's dream technology. Multiplicity allows its user to transition seamlessly between multiple computers, using only one mouse and one keyboard. One computer acts as the headquarters, with additional ones acting as satellites. You can move the mouse across all screens, and even cut and past from one screen to the next.  read more »