I Live, Therefore I Scribe

Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life. Today all things make sense and I can go forth with confidence, knowing that all those existential questions that plagued me for so long have now been answered. My Buddha has come in the form of Livescribe, the coolest mother f*&&ing gadget under $200 to ever grace the tech world.
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GeekFest: Super Geeks at Supernova

San Francisco hosts the GeekFest of the week, Supernova 2007, with a warm up starting today and the big deal starting tomorrow. There's also a bake-off of hot new start-ups call Connected Innovators - Michael Arrington of TechCrunch moderates and Geek VC, Paul Kedrosky is rumored to be one of the judges.  read more »


Pimp my gadget: Wireless Couture

You buy jewelry solely from Tiffanys, dine only at 5-star restaurants and never fly commercial. So when it comes to your phone of course it has to be designer, dahling. Prada to be exact.
Prada phone
Okay, this LG collabo is just like the iphone, but it says Prada, dahling. Slated for release this year, first in Europe then in America.


The Truly Special Olympics

This weekend those with a love for all things robot will descend on San Francisco to take part in the RoboGamesF.K.A. Robot Olympics. Geeks, Dweebs, Droids and Bots will face off in over 70 events, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receiving gold, silver and bronze medals, respectively. Robots that defy categorization can compete in "Best In Show"while under 18-builders get their shot in Junior League Events.
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The Week In Woot - June 15, 2007

This week the folks at woot break up office monotony,give a Saint a hard time, and show mad love for The Village People.
It only took 9 seconds for wooters to begin snatching up the USB Missile Launcher. In one hour 53% of the stock was gone, and by 6AM jhiemstra had scooped up the 4,500th and final one. Bosses the world over are crying into their corporate coffee cupswhile office underlings shout a collectivehurrah for one way topostpone the slowdeaththat is the 9-5.  read more »


Set-top Box Deregulation: FCC Ruling Takes Effect July 1st

Worst of Both Worlds The set-top box deregulation deadline is approaching fast. You would think that forcing the cable operators to "decouple" their boxes from their service would be good for the consumer. Unfortunately this milestone in communications is creating the worst of both worlds. First a tiny bit of history. In 1966 the FCC ruled that AT&T had to allow Carterfone and any other third party manufacturer to attach their products to AT&T's lines. This gave rise to answering machines, fax machines, cordless phones, modems, and more.  read more »


E-Waste Not E-Want Not

According to Greenpeace electronic disposal is responsible for 5% of all waste worldwide. And thanks to the hypercompetitive cell phone market and cool-obsessed tech consumer, e-waste is also the fastest growing component of worldwide waste, with users upgrading their electronics more frequently then ever. I know. I had no idea either. It turns out most Americans didn't. That's 'cause the majority of e-waste is sent to China and India, and despite China's 2000  read more »


Pimp My Gadget: "The Blingtop"

If you're smart, you've already used this month's rent money to buy Apple's can't-live-without 24-carat-gold ipod, or "pimppod," as I like to call it (link to Pimp my blog post, which features this product). But you're only half way there my friend. If you want to have any chance attracting that emo girl at your local java spot, you must also have one of these:
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Gadget Geek Gets the Girl (maybe)

Everyone deserves love. That guy in the mailroom, the one with the body odor, unibrow and extreme lack of social skills, even he deserves love. And while he may not have the obvious tools often needed to snag a lady (tall, dark and handsome okay, thats just my preference, but can you really go wrong with TD&H?), theres no reason he cant use what hes workin with. Whoever said that geeks dont get the girls, simply didnt know about these gadgets:
Pottery Barn's Tune-In Bed  read more »