Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Gadgetry

New York Times Technology Writer David Pogue has, untill today, remained a creature of mystery to me. I've spent many a long, sleepless night pondering the motivations of a man so deeply committed to gadgets and gizmos, a man who strives to inform the masses of new inventions, trends and business in the tech market. He is humorous, yes, intelligent, of course, but who is the real David Pogue, I ask, and when, oh when, will he reveal his true self to me?  read more »


iPhone Fever

New York Times Tech writer John Markoff checks the temperature of those struck with iphone fever. It seems like everybody has an opinion, despite a release date thats weeks away (June 29th).  read more »


The Week In Woot - June 8, 2007

This week the folks at woot try to sell us stuff that no one else wants, and then make up for it with some situational comedy. So even though you didnt want to buy that Sharp SD-HX500 1-Bit Digital 500 Watt Flat Panel Home Theater System, you did get to play North Koreas most popular game and the answer isKim Jong Ill.  read more »


Shaver Saver Shower Waster

I want to reduce my carbon footprint. Really, I do. Well, okay, maybe I just want to reduce my guilt over taking extremely long, hot showers. Dont give me that look. Shaving takes up a lot of that time. And although it may be appropriate for men to show up to work a la Joe vs. the Volcano, lets just say the whole toilet paper/blood dab on the legs and underarms probably wont get me that promotion.
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iPhone: The Reviews Continue

PC Magazine backs up Retrevos Vipin Jain, agreeing that the iPhone is basically a bad piece of business technology, with poor dialing and text messaging.  read more »


Let There Be Light-emitting Diodes

Flourescents are so totally old-school. These days, energy-saving cool-kids are turning to LED. (That's light-emitting diodes for those not in the know). Word on the street is that these lights can stay bright for up to 50,000 hours, and those that come with metal heat sinks even absorb heat instead of emitting it. Unlike flourescent bulbs, which contain mercury, LEDs dont's contain any hazardous waste, and when they've got no light left to give, they simply fade away instead of burning out.  read more »


Vertu's Stubble Phone Needs a Razr

Im all for multi-sensory objects (scratch n sniff stickers anyone?). But I feel somewhat strongly that they should be appealing, right? Your school notebook with those stickers looked and smelt Gooooood. So then why would a company create a product that felt like something nobody liked to feel?
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Digital Deception

You think variety is the spice of life. You order coffee and tea, ice cream and soft serve, and when it comes to women, you like blondes, red heads and brunettes. Well here's a way to fool, i mean please all the women in your life:
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The Week in Woot - June 1, 2007

This week the folks over at woot travel by land and sea, winning points from perverts and divers alike, and answer the age old question how much dust could a roomba dust if a roomba could dust dust? Plus, a wooter reminds us that pink is for pansies, but people who carry black laundry markers are pansies posing as real men. Oh yeh, and I find a way to reference a Mike Myers film. Sweeeet.  read more »


Mothers of Invention