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Two Screens are Better the One

Kohjinsha, the Japanese company known for making convertible tablets, showed a prototype of a dual screen netbook computer at the recent CEATEC show.
Big Touch Screens Are Fun

Here’s a look at the new Sony Vaio L Touch Series. It’s an all-in-one PC with a 24 inch monitor. It can display 1080p HD video and offers options for a Blu-ray player or TV tuner. It takes advantage of the touch technology built into Windows 7 and will start at $1,300.
New Mobile TV Standard Approved

Now that TV has gone completely digital and ATSC has replaced NTSC a new mobile variation of ATSC has just become official. Its official name is A/153 but we’ve seen it referred to as Mobile DTV or ATSC MH (mobile and handheld). The reason it’s needed according to Wikipedia is the fact that, “the ATSC transmission scheme is not robust enough against doppler shift and multipath radio interference in mobile environments, and is designed for highly directional fixed antennas.” Here’s a video of a cool iPhone accessory form AirCast Mobile.
Next Generation Atom Processors on Track for 2010

The Intel Atom Pine Trail is due to be released in early 2010. One of the first of the Pine Trail processors, the 1.66 GHZ Atom N450 may also start showing up in netbooks in early 2010. Pine Trail is a two chip platform that is smaller than previous Atom chips. Performance and battery life are not expected to improve dramatically.
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