News from CTIA 2012

CTIA 2012 just took place in New Orleans. From our perspective in seemed like a snoozer. Here's some of the most exciting news we could find.  read more »


Is Google Drive the Answer to Your Problems?

A quick overview and comparison of cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive and Google Drive.  read more »


Some Cool Gadgets and Their Apps

Here's a list of some cool gadgets and that have their own apps. We've tried most of these ourselves and can recommend them from personal experience.  read more »


Six Affordable Soundbars

As HDTV sets are getting flatter it's getting harder for manufacturers to include good speakers. Soundbars are an affordable add-on and don't require a lot of wires.  read more »


Five Things We Don't Really Like About Apple TV

Steve Jobs called the Apple TV a "hobby." We wonder if that's the reason it comes up lacking in several areas.  read more »


CES 2012 Hot Products Follow-Up

First comes the buzz and excitement about all those cool new products announced at CES but what happens a few months later? Are any of them actually available to buy?  read more »


How Soon Will 4K TVs Make Your HDTV Set Obsolete?

At this year’s CES we saw more activity in the 4K TV area. What we saw was downright gorgeous. The question in our minds is not if, but when.  read more »


Report from Design West

The recent trade show in San Jose featured lots of cool tech, here are a few videos from the expo.  read more »


Reasons to Jailbreak a New iPad

It didn't take long for them to figure out how to jailbreak the new iPad. Here's a list of reasons you may want to consider doing it.  read more »


Cool New Gadgets From Kickstarter

We check in on Kickstarter again and share some of the cool new gadgets we found including motorized skates, a tablet pen/stylus, innovative bicycle lights and more.  read more »