The Most Realistic Android, Human-Like Robots We’ve Seen So Far

If you’re looking for Asimo, he’s not the droid you’re looking for; “humanoid” robots like Asimo, typically have arms, legs and can do various functions intended for humans.  read more »


Nerding-Out Your Facebook Timeline! A Nerd’s Guide [Checklist]

If it were up to Mark Zuckerberg, your Facebook Timeline will literally say, you were born... then you joined Facebook. Now let me be clear… nerds don't wane nostalgic over trivial things like baby's first steps, or first words; we care about when you first saw Star Wars or beat Super Mario Bros. So why not nerd-out your Facebook Timeline?  read more »


What’s The Best HDTV For Your Budget and Your Room

Forget about some of these wonderful new TVs that were on display at CES. What’s a good TV for you to buy right now?  read more »


10 Gadgets for Superbowl Party Glory

From geeky beer coolers to an iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener, here are some gadgets to impress your friends at the Superbowl party.  read more »


Report From Macworld iWorld 2012

Macworld Expo added "iWorld" but they might also consider adding iPhone or iPad "Caseworld." Check out these videos of things that caught our eye.  read more »


Gadget of the Week

A list of the featured items in Retrev's Gadget of the Week. Each week we feature a gadget that has just been released in the market, announced or that we find interesting.  read more »


Retrevo Wins Bing "Editor's Pick"

This week Retrevo.com was honored as a Bing "Editor's Pick" in the gadget websites category. We'd like to take this moment and thank the people at Microsoft's Bing for this honor, our amazing Retrevo Team, and of course our users, fans and followers. We couldn't have done this without you. Thank you.  read more »


Five Ways to Make Your Android a Better Camera

These days more and more people are relying on their smartphones to take the majority of their photos. So it's great that most of the new Android phones are being released with 5 and 8 megapixel cameras.  read more »


Five Ways to Make Your iPhone a Better Camera

There’s no denying that the new optics in the iPhone 4S are pretty impressive, but sometimes we wish there were more options besides just Grid or HDR (multi-photo capture and optimization option). If you’re like us, you’ve no doubt been looking for some fun ways to jazz up your photos.  read more »


Gadget of Week: The "Glo" Color-Changing Nightlight With Portable Glowing Orbs

Imagine a color changing, futuristic-looking lamp that lets you pick up its light-emitting orbs and walk around with them. That's basically what the Boon "Glo" lamp lets you do, only its light-emitting orbs are kid-friendly, they contain no electronics, they're virtually indestructible and they're cool to the touch.  read more »