Gift Guide for your girlfriend/boyfriend

coupletopHere is a gift guide that is specially made for the lucky girlfriend/boyfriend in your life. Surprise your special someone this holiday season with these great gift ideas that will make them love you even more.    read more »


Gift Ideas For Wives

Gift ideas for wives, from a wife hoping to get some appreciation from their husbands.  read more »


Gadgets Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight

This is the worst season for dieting. When you’re not scarfing down lots of holiday sweets, going to all those holiday parties and eating tons of fattening foods, you’re probably spending a lot of time indoors watching HDTV, playing with your Wii, or maybe, perish the thought, reading a book on your Kindle. To help fight the battle of the holiday bulge we offer these gadgets that, along with a little will power, could help keep away those extra holiday pounds  read more »


What's Going To Be Hot In 2009?

This past year started out on a high note starting with the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show that highlighted bigger, better, and cheaper HDTV products, the end of the high definition DVD player format war (Blu-ray won), feature-packed cameras, and all sorts of cool gadgets like Bluetooth headsets and GPS-based Personal Navigation Devices. In fact, you can see Retrevo’s list of 2008 product hits and misses here. Using our new suite of tools including the Retrevo Pulse trend analysis engine, our gadget experts put together this set of predictions for 2009  read more »


Gift Ideas for Husbands

Great gift ideas for husband, from a husband hoping for something on the list.  read more »


Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Gift Ideas for Grandparents, from someone who took a sneak-peek at their grandparent's lists.  read more »


Announcing the 2008 Retrevo Pulse Awards

What happens when you give a group of gadget experts some powerful analysis tools and tell them to pick the best products of 2008? The result is the Retrevo Pulse Awards which are named after some new data mining and analysis technology, called, “The Retrevo Pulse,” that looks at the behavior of millions of users along with their level of interest, reviews from experts and users and pricing data, and determines the trends for all popular consumer electronics products  read more »


Gift Ideas For A Teenage Sister

Gift ideas for a teenage sister, straight from the wishlist of a teenage girl.  read more »


Retrevo’s Top 5 Over-Hyped Products for 2008

Benjamin Franklin probably has one of the most widely recognized
quotes about certainty. His quote was “In this world nothing is certain
but death and taxes”. Well I’d like to add one more thing that is
certain - over-hyped products.

Every year it’s a given that there’s a handful of products where so
much noise was made you would have thought they solved world hunger and
poverty. And this hype isn’t just being shouted from the product
brands; media companies and journalists who have personal favorites (or
large advertisers) exacerbate the hype, giving credence to these
products and more media coverage.  read more »


Retrevo 2008 Pulse Awards Finalists


The year is coming to a close and I think most would agree that 2008 was a good year for new gadgets. Starting off with a bang at CES and Macworld and continuing on through Black Friday until now, consumer interest in gadgets seems insatiable. So what products are they looking at? What are the hot products that people are actually researching, reading reviews, checking prices or just curious about? Find out here.




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