Scoble Scoops the New Nokia N97

 World traveler and tireless technology news hound, Robert Scoble reports from Nokia Day in Barcelona, Spain that the new Nokia 97 might be a potential rival to the iPhone. At least the N97 rises to the bar that Apple raised for smart phones. Robert reports that the N97 beats the iPhone with:  read more »

  • 16:9 video (iPhone doesn't do video at all)
  • 5 megapixel camera to iPhone's 2 megapixels
  • QWERTY keyboard as well as to

Digital Photo Frames Under $100 Your Wife Would Love

Here's is a good selection of frames for under $100 to help you keep the wife happy while not adding too
much extra stress on your wallet. 




   read more »


ASUS Eee Top Touchscreen PC's Coming 1H 2009

(PhysOrg.com) -- Asus has just revealed their 15.6-inch Eee Top touchscreen PC that is powered by an Intel Atom processor N270 (1.60GHz) and Intel 945 GSE core-logic with built-in graphics core. The system features a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, 4-in-1 card reader, integrated camera, Wi-Fi 802.11n controller and Windows XP Home operating system.  read more »


Bargain Notebooks: What to Look For

These days, it's easy to find mainstream notebooks for far less than $550, sometimes even less than $450. You won't get the latest features in such a bargain system, but you will get a full-fledged computer you can use for years if you choose wisely.  read more »


Blu-ray Players and HD Netflix


Seems like a good combo these new Blu-ray players will upconvert standard definition DVDs to 1080p, support Profile 2.0 (BD-Live), and sometime in early December via a firmware upgrade stream HD from Netflix. The LG BD300 gets good but not great reviews and can be purchased now for around $300. The Samsung BD-P2500 ($329 at amazon.com) and  read more »


Deal of the Day - State of the Art Digital Photo Frame!

One of the challenges with shopping for a consumer electronics product is finding the right product at the right price (leave alone understanding what all the technical mumbo-jumbo is). Now I won't call myself a bargain hunter but I do care about good values if I can find those easily in the limited time I have to research and buy.

Here is a product I have been wanting to buy, a digital photo frame. So tod  read more »


Are HDTVs Still Buzzing on Black Friday?

We are pretty much done with the Black Friday. As I mentioned in my last report on Thanksgiving night, HDTVs were all the rage according to the Retrevo Pulse. Did this excitement continue through the Black Friday? Well, overwhelmingly yes. Two to one from unit volume perspective c  read more »


What's Buzzing Ahead of Black Friday - 1st Report?

As consumers divert their attention from thanksgiving festivities and get ready for Black Friday marathon, where are they likely to be heading a few hours from now? Here are preliminary findings from Retrevo's real-time pulse:  read more »

  1. Did we think people won't buy HDTVs? Well, we would be wrong if we assumed that. Heavy interest in HDTVs. heavy interest in Sharp HDTVs at Sears, Samsung & Sharp HDTVs at Circuit City,

4 Ways to NOT Flush Your Black Friday Down the Toilet


With all the articles out there about Black Friday deals, duds and strategies, I wanted to hit upon a much overlooked but extremely important topic for all serious Black Friday shoppers - the effect of your Thursday dinner on your Friday battle. Before you stuff yourself with extra yams or that Turkey thigh your wimpy cousin Joey couldn't finish, you might want to consider the following consequences:  read more »


Seven Reasons to Stay in Bed on Friday and Seven Reasons Why Not

On the other hand, with free shipping, no sales tax, and no lines, you
can get pretty close to the best deals without leaving home.  read more »