Will the New Amazon Tablet Re-Kindle the Fire?

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Video of the Week: Future Version of the iPad?

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Video of the Week: Ouya

A company named OUYA wants to create an open game console and apparently a lot of "investors" feel enthusiastic about the idea, so much so that they raised over $6M in less than a month.  read more »


Video of the Week: Leap Motion

We’ve mentioned this new technology from Leap Motion but we think it’s so cool and such a potential game changer for anything from television interface to laptops or tablets that we thought you’d want to see another video on it.  read more »


Mountain Lion or Windows 8; Which is Best for You?

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Video of Futuristic Vision Device Takes Google Glass to a New Level

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What’s On Your iPad 4 Wish List?

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Cord-Cutting May Not Be For Everyone

Is your cable or satellite bill becoming more difficult to deal with? If you’re willing to make some sacrifices there are alternatives. On the other hand, there are plenty of good reasons to bear the costs.  read more »


Get the Most Out of the Olympics with Your Devices

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