iPhone App of the Week

INRIX is one of the leading providers or traffic information. They use a variety of data sources and tools including sensors and historical data to describe current road conditions as well as predict what traffic  read more »


Tech News Report Number Nine

The buzz-o-meter was pegged for days preceding the big Apple event on September 9th. It turned out to be  read more »


Unexpected Demand for Digital Cameras

This time, last year the camera department at the local Best Buy store was probably a lonely place. Last year, the Retrevo Pulse, a publicly-available index that maps daily price and demand trends in the consumer electronics industry across 40 categories and more than 4,000 products, logged a sharp  read more »


Retrevo’s Gadget TweetBuzz

Here's this week's latest gadget news gleaned from Twitter posts:
Canon EOS 7D
Canon announced a new DSLR called the  read more »


Retrevo’s Gadget TweetBuzz

Interesting news and cool products discovered on Twitter by Retrevo’s editors.  read more »


Retrevo’s Twitter Gadget News

We follow the tweets about gadgets to spot the latest news on gadgets, gear, and gizmos.  read more »


Thirty Second Digital Camera Buying Guide

Film cameras are fading fast. High resolution digital cameras come in all shapes and sizes. The latest features like face technology make it difficult to take a bad picture. Affordable digital photo frames and color inkjet printers make handling and displaying digital images easy and inexpensive. The only hitch is that decent cameras are starting to show  read more »


Does the New iPhone 3G S Have an Overheating Problem?

Pictures of discolored white iPhones are appearing online. Users are reporting their new iPhones feel warmer than they think they should. Is it a battery problem, a 3.0 OS power management problem, a battery problem, an operator problem, or no problem at all? So far Apple is just telling owners to keep their cool (that is their iPhones) and not to operate them outside the recommended temperature ranges.

Apple has had battery problems before with Sony manufactured batteries in PowerBooks. So naturally everyone is quick to jump to conclusions. If it turns out to indeed be a battery pro  read more »


Announcing the New Retrevo

Retrevo takes its job of helping consumers buy and use the right electronics products seriously. Our team of computer scientists, artificial intelligence experts, web experts, editorial experts, and the whole Retrevo gang of passionate gadget enthusiasts has been working away on “Retrevolution,” for over six months and are pleased to announce the grand opening of a brand new Retrevo. The popular site has been upgraded and improved to make the whole process of buying and using electronics simple and fun.  read more »


A Glimpse Into the Future

A Glimpse Into the Future Courtesy of Intel

I had been looking forward to this event all year when Intel puts on a show and tell of what their best and brightest in their research groups have been working on. This year was as exciting as ever.

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gadget

"Carry Small, Live Large," was a big theme at the event. The idea is that the device you have i.e. cell phone, although physically small, can be made virtually huge when it is connected to external computing power and information sources. One de  read more »