Why Do Consumers Keep Buying the Wrong Electronics Products?

The last time you went shopping for a new TV, digital camera, or other consumer electronics products did you find the experience enjoyable? Did you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and technical jargon? Did you have a nagging doubt that you might have overpaid? Retrevo wondered the same thing and commissioned their latest Gadgetology™ study to find out if consumers are having  read more »


New Mobile TV Coming After DTV Transition

Now that all that analog TV bandwidth has been freed up we can't wait to start seeing all the new services taking advantage of it. One service that has been waiting in the wings is FLO TV also known as MediaFLO. It's a broadcast system the uses some of the UHF spectrum to send video and other data to mobile (and stationary devices). In other words, it can broadcast TV to your cell phone without using the cellular networks. For that reason we'll probably only see it in cities but the video is high quality and it is less susceptible to interruptions. This technology has been around for a while.  read more »


Retrevo’s Guide to Father’s Day Gadget Gifts

Dad works hard all year to provide you with the good things in life. Now it’s your turn to show him how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you and the family. Here are some gadgets that any Dad would be happy to  read more »


Seven Important Things Neither the Apple iPhone Nor the Palm Pre Can Do

The Palm Pre is getting very positive reviews and the new iPhone 3G S looks like a product in its prime but no product is perfect so we put together this list of things neither one of these  read more »


Eight Differences That Separate the Palm Pre and Apple iPhone

Eight Differences That Separate the Palm Pre and Apple iPhone
In case you just got back from a 6 month wilderness trip and missed the smartphone news, Palm has bet the farm on an iPhone competitor and Apple has responded with some attractive improvements to the iPhone 3G. It’s pretty well known what both phones can do. They can make phone calls (most of the time), manage a calendar and contacts, provide access to the Internet, and run third party apps but here’s a list of things that one phone does or has and the other  read more »


Report From Connections 2009

Parks Associates' Connections 2009 is underway in Santa Clara. The first morning started out with a presentation by Tricia Parks and our very own CEO, Vipin Jain who provided lots of insight into what makes buyers of consumer electronics tick.

My first meeting of the day was with Jan Steenkamp of Irdeto, a company better known outside of the United States that has been involved in the business of "conditional access" TV programming since there was such a thing. They provide cable and other providers with the technology to encrypt and manage  read more »


Is the Camcorder the New Blender?

Wedding bells are beginning to ring, prospective newlyweds are filling out gift registries, and shoppers are deciding what to buy the happy couple for their wedding gift. Have you ever wondered how an electronics product would be received as a gift? Retrevo’s latest Gadgetology study asked consumers how they felt about giving and receiving a high tech product like a digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, or other electronics gear�  read more »


Pico Projector Roundup

Projectors have become essential business tools; at just about every meeting there’s a projector attached to a laptop displaying spreadsheets or presentations. At home, a projector can fill a wall with a movie, console game, or YouTube video.

There’s a new class of projector emerging that fits in the palm of your hand. Some of these are being built into phones and it wouldn’t surprise us to see them appear in camcorders, cameras, or laptop computers. Called handheld or pico projectors, these tiny devices can be used for  read more »


Flu Avoidance - Staying Healthy With Consumer Electronics

Flu Avoidance - Staying Healthy With Consumer Electronics
a general guide for work, home, and school

In light of the April 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak, people across the globe are taking their health more seriously and the myriad of things one can do to stay healthy involves everything from washing your hands regularly to eating well and getting plenty of sleep. But what about your  telephone at the office, the one that everyone uses to order lunch? Telephone receivers can harbor more germs than a toilet seat. And what about your computer keyboard, which may be holding germs, dust, and other undesirables? And your daughter’s cell phone, the one she shares with her friends when you’re not around? From remotes and game controllers, to MP3 players and cell phones, you can do a lot more than wash your hands when it comes to staying clean to stay  read more »


Don’t Read This If You Love Your Mother-in-Law

Just in Time for Mother’s Day

If you have never wanted to play a little joke on your mother-in-law then maybe this gift guide isn’t for you. On the other hand, if there has been no love lost in your relationship and you want to make your mother-in-law’s life as miserable as she’s made yours, here are a few ideas to satisfy that dark side and  read more »