Android Coming to Netbook and Samsung Smartphone

Computerworld scored the scoop on a new netbook that will be powered by an ARM11 processor, run Google's Android, weigh around 1.5 lbs. and possibly cost around $250. With a small 7" display, only 128MB (expandable to 4GB) of memory, and a two-cell battery (2-4 hours), We can't image this device being much of a powerhouse but for web surfing and running google apps, it might be just right.

Microsoft needs to keep pushing Windows fo  read more »


What Do Women Know About Gadgets?

The Answer: More Than You Thought!

Women, how many times have men made you feel like less than adequate in the tech department? Well, a recent Gadgetology study by Retrevo may vindicate you or at least give you a big boost in confidence. The study found that most men, 79% in fact, feel very secure about their technical knowledge while women appeared less self-assured. An ironic twist however, revealed more women than men actually answered key tech questions correctly.

Further questioning demonstrated that women are much more realistic about their limitations; admitting they  read more »


Five Gadget Facts for Earth Day

Here's a list of some things you may not have known about gadgets and the environment.  read more »

  • 1. A stand-alone Sony Blu-ray DVD player uses a fraction of the energy of a Sony PlayStation 3 with built-in Blu-ray player.
  • 2. According to a study by NRDC most game consoles are left powered on when the TV is turned off and continue to use more than 100 watts.
  • 3. The Nintendo Wii uses a fraction of the power of other game consoles but the company comes in near last place on Greenpeace's list of green electronics companies.
  • 4. According to Energy Star, reside

Simple energy saving tips for Electronics

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How to Make Your Computer Use Less Energy

Standby or Hibernate and other green computing answer  read more »


How to Recognize a Green Gadget

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Tips for Greener Living at Home

There are many ways to make your life greener; you can add solar panels to your house, you can buy a hybrid car, or you can recycle all your paper and plastics. You can also use electronics to make your life greener.  read more »


The Worst Gadget Energy Offenders

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An FM Transmitter That Works!

I’ve been using Griffin Technology’s iTrip Auto Universal Plus transmitter and charger for a few weeks and can report back that this is a quality product and the best of the transmitters I have tried, and I have tried more than a few.  read more »


Cure For Gadget Info Overload

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The problem: too much information! It comes at you from all directions, blogs,  read more »