Seven HDTV Mistakes to Avoid

In a previous article we listed several things to consider and problems
to avoid when buying and using HDTV. In this article we’ve updated some
of the tips and added some new ones. Here's the list of some common
mistakes for buyers and owners of  read more »


Twenty Two Tips for Greener Living With Gadgets

Don't wait for Earth Day, you can do something to help the environment today. Here are twenty two ways to make your life greener.  read more »


Retrevo's Show Us Your Gear - Denny Arar

Denny Arar shows Retrevo her collection of gears and gadgets.  read more »


Retrevo's Show Us Your Gear - Alice Hill

Alice Hill shows Retrevo her gear and gadgets.  read more »


Retrevo's Show Us Your Gear - Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble shows off his gear to Retrevo  read more »


Seven Features of an Apple Netbook

The word on the street says an Apple netbook is in the works. We have a list of features we think Apple will likely include and others we wish they would.  read more »


Seven Reasons Why I’m Returning My Kindle 2

I waited patiently for the year and a half it took the second generation Kindle to appear. This one was going to fix all the shortcomings of the Kindle 1. The new page change buttons would be harder to press by mistake and the display would support 16 shades of gray.  It all seemed too hard to resist. Then the reviews emerged; Walt Mossberg of the Journal gave it a good review, David Pogue of the Times also liked it, and even Robert Scoble who had some harsh criticism of the first generation Kindle, said this one was much better.

I plunked down the $359 and now that I have a Kindle 2 of my own, I must confess, I’m not sure it’s as great as they say  read more »


11 Products That Offer Computer Owners Peace of mind

Okay so you didn’t follow the suggestions in our last article and your laptop walked away. Is there a chance you can recover it? If you had one of these theft recovery products installed on your laptop or even your desktop or phone the chance of getting it back would go zero to actually could happen.  read more »


2009 Sony TVs; Worth Waiting For?

Some thorough analysis by the HDGuru of the new line of 2009 Sony TVs (due out any day), reveals that in some cases you might do well to find a close out deal on last year's model. For example, according to HDGuru the 2009 S5100 models are "identical" to the 2008 models except for the addition of a USB port. On the other hand the 2009 V5100 line will now feature 120 Hz refresh rates which could be worth spending an extra $200 on. On the other h  read more »


Hacking Kindles

All around the country, busy UPS drivers are delivering Kindle 2s to anxious Kindle 2 owners. Generally, the reviews are positive (4 out 5 on amazon.com) and everyone agrees it's a great improvement over the previous version. It's been dissected and inspected by ifixit.com  who took one apart to see what makes it tick and discovered a 532Mhz ARM-11 processor which is faster than iPhone's 412MHz ARM processor. As this version helps establish the Kindle as a legitimate platform (it runs Java under Linux) we expect to see more d  read more »