Bluetooth Rant

I love Bluetooth. I hate Bluetooth. I'm using a Palm Treo Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 along with my favorite stereo Bluetooth headset, the Voyager 855 from Plantronics. It's a wonderful combo when it works, which is most of the time. The stereo wireless connection is great for listening to audio through the fabulous Kinoma player and I can answer calls without changing headsets. The combination of Bluetooth phone and headset seems to suffer from a common computer problem especially typical of Microsoft products; when they work which is most of the time, they're great. When they don't, it ca  read more »


New Dell Netbook Offers Less Than Asus for More Money

News on the Netbook front has Asus phasing out their 8.9 inch models in favor of the netbook sweetspot screen size of 10 inches. Speaking of 10 inch netbook displays, the new Dell Mini 10 is or will be available on QVC, yes QVC, for $599. This Dell netbook is similar to the Asus Eee PC 1000HE however Dell's product marketing folks need to convince me why I should pay more for a netbook that doesn't support 802.11n, doesn't have Bluetooth, and only has a 3-cell battery.


iPhone GPS Turn-by-Turn Takes Another Turn

Sygic, a Bratislava-based company (try finding that on your GPS) demonstrated their version of the elusive GPS turn-by-turn navigation feature for the iPhone at the World Mobile Congress. Filled with intrigue and speculation, the announcement will be closely followed by millions of iPhone users as they anxiously await word from the App Store Overlords. No one knows for sure what's prevented this feature, that is common on other smartphones, from showing up on iPhones. Some say it's the Apple SDK license that prohibits it, others point to Google Maps licensin  read more »


I’m a phone, I’m a GPS, I’m a personal navigation device with a phone

There were several hands-on reports from Mobile World Congress 2009 on the Garmin-ASUS nuvifone G60. It was generally well received along with some uncertainty about it being a must-have product. With GPS built into everything from phones to cameras it's no wonder that Garmin was feeling a little nervous about the stand-alone GPS market. Teaming up with Asus they built an impressive phone with large attractive buttons on the screen (almost no buttons on the phone itself) and enough information management functions i.e. calendar, contacts, media player to make it feel like a phone. Whether or  read more »


News From Big Mobile Show in Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress 2009 is winding down and a lot of cool products have emerged from it. Both Samsung and LG showed solar-powered phones. A solar panel on the back side of the phone can provide enough power for a 3 minute call after 10 minutes in the sun. The Dick Tracy watch came closer to reality with watches like the LG GD910 that features a touchscreen and high speed wireless connectivity for use as a watch phone. Pico projectors are getting better all the time with the latest batch making use of TI's DLP Pico chip set that will be powering new projectors and even projector phones d  read more »


Move Over Analog TV, 4G is Coming Through

If you were wondering what was behind the DTV transition you won't have to wait long to find out. The bandwidth that was free'd up, particularly the "beach front," 700 Mhz spectrum, is being used by Verizon for their 4G high speed wireless network. LTE (short for "Long Term Evolution"), according to reports, is delivering download speeds up to 60 Mbps.Verizon says it can have LTE up and running in 2010. Look out Wimax.


Protect Your Laptop From Theft

Laptops are disappearing at an alarming rate; some statistics say a laptop is lost or stolen every 58 seconds. Many of those missing laptops contain lists of credit card numbers and other sensitive identity information. Even if your laptop doesn't...  read more »


Mobile Processor Chip War Looming

While the smartphone operating systems fight it out on a very crowded field that includes iPhone OS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and RIM (did I leave anyone out?), there is a similar battle emerging on the hardware side over the mobile processor. Intel's Atom processor has enjoyed a good ride as the chip of choice in many mobile devices but two mobile processors are coming on strong as serious contenders to the king of the hill.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon is based on the  read more »


We Need Your Unused DTV Coupons

Get a Converter Box

Now that the date has been pushed to June 12, 2009 and it looks like additional funds will become available for more coupons, you'd think everyone could rest easy.

Unfortunately, TV stations are not required to keep broadcasting analog signal until June 12th and, with 30 days notice, can go all-digital anytime between February 17th and June 12th.

Good Neighbor Coupon Exchange

All the more reason to help Retrevo match up people who have an extra coupon with people who need one. It's ea  read more »


Here Come the 9.5 Hour Netbooks.

I have owned my Samsung NC10 for a little over a month and am already to trade it in for a newer netbook. Two new netbooks have caught my eye. The new Asus Eee PC 1000HE has a new chiclet keyboard ala Macbooks, a better positioned right shift key, and a 8700mAh battery that claims to run for 9.5 hours. It also uses the latest Intel Atom N280 processor. It costs a very reasonable $399.

Although I couldn't be happier with my Sammy NC10 which is a great little machine, Samsung just announced a Special Edition version in a shiny black case with a larger touchpad (one of my only complaints),  read more »