CES Final Report and Videos

Today is Sunday, January 11th, I'm back in the Bay Area after a wonderful trip to CES. Even the plane ride back sitting next to one of the twitter team, Jason Goldman, was enjoyable and educational. Yesterday I made a mad dash around the show and was very glad I did, because I think I got to see the future of TV and it is 3D. Two very impressive demos of 3D convinced me of that; one at the Samsung booth which uses a technology that doesn't require glasses but does make it necessary to look at the screen at just the right angle, and the other at the Intel booth that uses circular pol  read more »


From the Show Floor at CES

Hitting the floor at full speed today. First stop the Asian Pavilion. Here's where you find the cool gizmos and gadgets like Bluetooth headsets with rhinestones on them, tiny MP3 audio players, Video players that sell for 20 bucks and HD camcorders that sell for $100. My daughter asked me to pick up another ladybug Bluetooth headset.

Over to the main hall where the joint is jumping. If the crowd size and enthusiasm is any indication, the consumer electronics industry is alive and well. I guess people just love shiny gadgets that make their lives more fun. On the way there, I  read more »


What's Really New at CES?

Lots to See But Nothing Earth Shaking Yet

The show is a veritable three ring circus, everywhere you look there is something to check out whether it's the megabooths in the main hall, the conference room demos, the press-only mini-trade shows at night, the sessions, and on an on. There are lots of new products here but so far they seem mostly like incremental or evolutionary changes and not anything dramatically new and different. For example there are beautiful new flat panel TVs that are bigger, thinner, and have gorgeous pictures on the screens. Yes there are new lines like the Sony X  read more »


So Many TVs


PCs and TVs

So many TVs at CES; big ones and thin ones. At the convention center all the big manufacturers have stacks of TVs on display. At the Sands center is where you typically find the smaller innovative startups. A couple of interesting companies at the Sands caught my eye. DisplayShare software will send video from your PC through your home network to your PlayStation 3 and on to your TV. It costs $49.95 and could be an easy way to get what's on your PC (pictures, video, etc.) onto your TV. Boxee  read more »


Fresh from the Palm Event

Palm Returns to Its Roots as the Master of Personal Information Management

The big Palm event at CES brought out all the journalists, analysts, and venture community to see what the rumors of a new mobile platform were all about. Ed Culligan, President of Palm came on stage and presented the problem; everyone has difficulty managing all the information in their lives. The solution is their new Palm pre and web OS. My first reaction is it look s like possible contender but unless the developer community jumps on the bandwagon it may have a challenge taking away market share from the rest  read more »


Retrevo Has Landed at CES

This is the way CES should be; no lines, no hassles, low prices, and new technology. The Digital Experience mini-trade show was packed with exhibitors and journalists. I'm at the Cntrstg blogging suite at the Wynn right now taking advantage of the WiFi, refreshments, and camaraderie.

I'll be reporting on all the cool stuff I run across at the show over the course of the next few days. Tonight I talked to the AstoundStereo people who will be selling some software to make iTunes on the Mac or Windows Media Player on a PC sound ri  read more »


Seven Super Bowl HDTV Mistakes You Can Avoid

It's Super Bowl time again and big flat screen TVs are cheaper than ever. Watching the big game in high definition is the next best thing to being there and a lot cheaper too. Now is a great time to go high def but unfortunately, it's not that easy to select the best TV especially when you want the best set for watching fast action sports like football, basketball, and hockey. Even if you're not a football fan you still deserve the best HDTV equipment for fast action programming on a high definition set  read more »


Gadgets Guaranteed to Help You Lose Weight

This is the worst season for dieting. When you’re not scarfing down lots of holiday sweets, going to all those holiday parties and eating tons of fattening foods, you’re probably spending a lot of time indoors watching HDTV, playing with your Wii, or maybe, perish the thought, reading a book on your Kindle. To help fight the battle of the holiday bulge we offer these gadgets that, along with a little will power, could help keep away those extra holiday pounds  read more »


What's Going To Be Hot In 2009?

This past year started out on a high note starting with the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show that highlighted bigger, better, and cheaper HDTV products, the end of the high definition DVD player format war (Blu-ray won), feature-packed cameras, and all sorts of cool gadgets like Bluetooth headsets and GPS-based Personal Navigation Devices. In fact, you can see Retrevo’s list of 2008 product hits and misses here. Using our new suite of tools including the Retrevo Pulse trend analysis engine, our gadget experts put together this set of predictions for 2009  read more »


Announcing the 2008 Retrevo Pulse Awards

What happens when you give a group of gadget experts some powerful analysis tools and tell them to pick the best products of 2008? The result is the Retrevo Pulse Awards which are named after some new data mining and analysis technology, called, “The Retrevo Pulse,” that looks at the behavior of millions of users along with their level of interest, reviews from experts and users and pricing data, and determines the trends for all popular consumer electronics products  read more »