Retrevo’s Top 5 Over-Hyped Products for 2008

Benjamin Franklin probably has one of the most widely recognized
quotes about certainty. His quote was “In this world nothing is certain
but death and taxes”. Well I’d like to add one more thing that is
certain - over-hyped products.

Every year it’s a given that there’s a handful of products where so
much noise was made you would have thought they solved world hunger and
poverty. And this hype isn’t just being shouted from the product
brands; media companies and journalists who have personal favorites (or
large advertisers) exacerbate the hype, giving credence to these
products and more media coverage.  read more »


Gifts For A College Student

Recommended Gifts for college students from a college student  read more »


Recession Buster Holiday Gadget Gifts

This year could be a budget challenge for gadget gift givers. The
Retrevo gadget gurus offer these quality gifts; all under $100.  read more »


Save The Planet With These Green Gadgets

This year, a solar power gadget gift could be beneficial on many
levels; not only would you be doing your part for the environment but
you could save a few bucks on electricity while you’re at it. Here are
some fun and inexpensive solar power gadgets that could make perfect
gifts�  read more »


How Safe Are Gift Cards?

Are gift cards safe to use? What happens if the retailer you bought a
card from goes out of business. We’ll tell you want you need to know
for trouble-free gift card use.  read more »


Last Dates For Free Shipping and Coupons

Don't wait until the last minute to order your gifts online. But if you
do, check out these important dates to make sure they arrive on time.
Also, find coupon codes to get products shipped free.  read more »


CES 2009 Rumors Start Trickling In

The predictions for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show
coming up in January indicate a lower key event, in keeping with the fact that
a lot of manufacturers and attendees have tightened the belts. We're hearing
rumors of Microsoft unveiling a phone code named "Pink," that is part Zune and
part Danger's Sidekick. OLED TVs should be the star of the show. Samsung will
most likely show a soon-to-ship 14" OLED TV  and may even show  a 50" OLED TV. Can OLED laptops be far
behind? Stay tuned for more CES rumors.  read more »


Scoble Scoops the New Nokia N97

 World traveler and tireless technology news hound, Robert Scoble reports from Nokia Day in Barcelona, Spain that the new Nokia 97 might be a potential rival to the iPhone. At least the N97 rises to the bar that Apple raised for smart phones. Robert reports that the N97 beats the iPhone with:  read more »

  • 16:9 video (iPhone doesn't do video at all)
  • 5 megapixel camera to iPhone's 2 megapixels
  • QWERTY keyboard as well as to

Blu-ray Players and HD Netflix


Seems like a good combo these new Blu-ray players will upconvert standard definition DVDs to 1080p, support Profile 2.0 (BD-Live), and sometime in early December via a firmware upgrade stream HD from Netflix. The LG BD300 gets good but not great reviews and can be purchased now for around $300. The Samsung BD-P2500 ($329 at amazon.com) and  read more »


Seven Reasons to Stay in Bed on Friday and Seven Reasons Why Not

On the other hand, with free shipping, no sales tax, and no lines, you
can get pretty close to the best deals without leaving home.  read more »