Will Consumers See More or Less Online Advertising this Holiday Season?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) just released the numbers. Internet advertising revenue reached $5.9 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2008, an 11% increase from the third quarter of 2007. Is it good or bad? First for some perspective. When we started 2008, the Internet advertising revenue numbers looked like this:  read more »


Where is the Pulse Now?

So as we enter the holiday season, the natural question to ask is "what are people going to be buying"? Black Friday promotions didn't start with the same fanfare as last year with only Wal-Mart coming out with BF deals.BestBuy and other retailers decided to wait it out until the real BF. So what indicators do you use? Well, we usedRetrevo Pulse to check out and here is the verdict:  read more »


Retrevo Has a Pulse!

Today we launched The Retrevo Pulse, a real-time view into consumer electronics products, prices and demand trends based on the behavior of millions of users who rely on Retrevo to make their buying decisions. The Retrevo Pulse includes two indexes, a CE Price Index and a CE Demand Index that track the Average Selling Prices (ASP) and Demand (in terms of net dollar value of interest) respectively for more than 4,000 electronics products across 40 categories such as HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Laptops and GPS.  read more »


OLED All the Way!

OLED (Organic LED) first caught my attention at CES in 2007. See my post from that CES here. Subsequent to much fanfare with a 27" prototype OLED TV in 2007 and then at CES in 2008, Sony finally shipped a 11" (3 mm thin and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio) OLED flat panel TV earlier this year. Retailing at $2,400 and up, I won't quite call it a bargain. As you can see Retrevo's scientific assessment concurs with me on this one here for  read more »


There is a Bright Light Afterall!

Who can complain about the mood of consumers nowadays. The tech bust of 2000 feels ordinary compared to the financial mess we have got ourselves into. Tech seems like a safe haven this time around with corporations carrying strong balance sheets. Yes, financial sector has a reason to be concerned about (thank goodness, retirement accounts, insurance policies and now the money market accounts are not that vulnerable). And now it is official; retail sector has a reason to be worried about.  read more »


Is This the Start of a New Trend?

Yesterday we announced a partnership with PC World, a subsidiary of IDG, world's leading multi-billion dollar technology media company. With more than 8M unique visitors a month to its online property alone, PC World has been known for its test center, high quality expert reviews and news coverage of tech products (computing and electronics) since its incepti  read more »


Tiecon Update!

I attended Tiecon last Fri and Sat. Despite the economic uncertainty, the place was buzzing with entrepreneurs, bankers/investors, executives from hi-tech and non hi-tech companies and people with aspirations to do something different, something meaningful with their life and their careers. Keynotes from Chris Anderson, Peter Thi  read more »


Retrevo Closes $8M Financing!

What's the big deal about closing another round of funding? So many companies have received funding over the last two years so that's not a reflection of the viability or success of a venture. In fact, Erick Schonfeld over at Techcrunch just posted a nice article on venture funding of new-age (web 2.0, web 3.0 whatever you want to call them) consumer internet companies. Wow, so many companies  read more »


30 Years of Innovation Comes to an End!

Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy on Feb 19th, 2008. What a ride. A brand known for innovation, cool products and great customer service couldn't keep up with the pace of innovation, differentiation and rigor needed to build and market today's sophisticated products. Not only did the company suffer from bad publicity and lawsuits related to their flagship product  read more »


The Best Part about Working at a Startup!

A little before mid-night on Nov 18, Retrevo launched its next big innovation. This innovation dramatically simplifies gadget (electronics) shopping for masses. You see, consumer electronics category is inundated with constant technological innovation, price changes and obsolescence. It is daunting to take the shopping journey even for the tech-savvy consumers. You don't know where to start and when you do manage to start the journey and zoom into a set of products that meet your brand and feature preference, you are never sure which product delivers a good bang for the buck.  read more »