Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

A few weeks ago I was on a panel at Investor Business Forum when one of the venture investors attending the session asked "why is it that we see more entrepreneurs and even companies we fund founded by immigrant entrepreneurs"? I answered the question and it is not hard to understand why it is so. From 1513, when the Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon discovered Florida to French and German emigration in mid 19th century to emigration of Russians in late 19th century, Italians in early 20th century and Asians in mid 20th century, America has been the land of opportunity that has attracted talent, labor and intellectual capital from all over the world. And I would argue this has been the major driver behind the growth that has made America the super-power it is today.  read more »


How Much Energy is Longer Daylight Saving Time Going to Save?

Many of us have still not gotten used to the changed daylight saving time (three weeks earlier in March and one week later in Nov). And those of us who are at least aware have often rationalized the inconvenience by savings in energy cost (myself included). Yes, we will get used to starting work at odd hours and working at odd hours in the evening. But will we really save energy? There was an article in the journal today that covered this topic at length. According to Megan Barnett, the spokeswoman of US Energy Department "The jury is still out on the potential national energy savings". Well, that kills my excitement about the change in daylight saving implemented earlier this year.  read more »


Is the iPhone a Bargain?

So here comes another news from Apple. In their usual style, Apple announced a complete upgrade of ipod line of products.  read more »


Is There Brand Affinity in Consumer Electronics?

Japanese manufacturers (sony, panasonic, canon, sharp) have long been the established brand names for consumer electronics products until Korean manufacturers (Samsung,  read more »


It is Good for Consumers, Really!

FCC finally approved the rules for the new 700 MHz spectrum that will be auctioned off next year. Of course FCC is expected to raise as much as $10B-$15B from this auction but that's not the point. The most significant provision passed this time around is for "open access". 22 MHz of the 60 MHz spectrum will be auctioned off using "open access" provision which will allow any cell phone device and any software to work on the network built by an operator using this piece of the spectrum.  read more »


Where is the iphone Heading?

No one can argue that iphone launch had the sizzle that hasn't been seen before. Selling 500,000 phones in a little over a day (up to Saturday) is amazing. Consideringno 3G support,$499 and $599 price points and the fact that95% of the phones sold are the more expensive and higher margin version. This is new product introduction at its best.  read more »


Is Silicon Valley Still the Place to Start a Company?

I was at a business dinner organized by Silicon Valley Bank a few nights ago along with a few other CEO clients of theirs. It was good to hear and share thoughts about globalization, wage inflation, innovation and different views about the economy. Everyone shared their frustration about (difficulty in) hiring, wage inflation, on-site vs. offshore development etc. During the course of discussion, one of the CEOs asked me "will you start your next company in Silicon Valley"? "Absolutely" was my answer which surprised many CEOs. However, it shouldn't come as a surprise to mos  read more »


Is Cost-Per-Action Good for Consumers?

I have been fascinated by all the debate around the inefficacy of Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model prevalent with search engines and shopping comparison sites. In his December 4 article in the New York Times, Bob Tedeschi highlighted some of the online shopping newcomers who are attempting to differentiate themselves from the three leading, multi-million dollar shopping sites,  read more »


Is Venture Debt Good for Startups?

There was a well-written article in Wall Street Journal today about venture debt and its virtues. You can read the article summary here. You need subscription to read the complete article. Besides the fact that the article started with Retrevo, Pui-Wing did a good job of presenting different viewpoints about the venture debt from entrepreneurs, venture capital investors and venture lender  read more »


The Saga Continues!

Jim Samples, the head of Cartoon Network resigned according to NY Times. Samples, who had been with the network for 13 years felt compelled to step down amidst all the public scruitny and bad press TBS got for the guerrilla marketing around''Aqua Teen Hunger Force''. Of course no uplift in viewership week to week despite the publicitydidn't help the cause. It underscores theresponsibili  read more »