New Brave World of Advertising!

There was an article in Washington Post that talked about "Product Placement". How the traditional, subtle product placement in TV shows and movies is making a leap into the scripts. Forget about fast forwarding using your Tivo's skip button, it is all part of story-telling. There has not been a huge cry from actors yet, but it will at some point. You can read about different aspects and implications including FCC's regulation regarding disclosures here. The other extreme of this new br  read more »


Custom Installation!

In last few years, it has been amazing for me to see all the exciting development in the consumer electronics industry, the conversion from analog to digital and FCC's mandate to phase out analog broadcast alltogether, from VHS to DVD to HD-DVD and Blu-ray, from tape to CDs to iPods, you name it. Every piece of electronics you owned has gone through major changes. One subtle change taking place in the home theater system environments is the move from CD mega changers to hard-disk based servers. Here is  read more »


53 Bugs and Counting!

We are down to 53 bugs. Major ones are in the areas of incomplete data for some of the categories and ranking. Team is confident that we will be able to fix the critical ones before the public trial. We are also installing and configuring the servers for colocation deployment. Plenty of regression, performance beaselining, monitoring and contingency planning needs to be done. Anyone who has built a service network can sympathesize with all the work that needs to be done for us to be truly ready. I am sure we will have hickups, some users won't find deep content for some of their queries, some  read more »


Countdown Starts!

We are only weeks away from starting the beta on our public site. We have had lot of debate internally whether we should continue with the alpha on our protected site or allow broader user community to participate. Finally, our fear gave in. Yes, there is a risk of getting attention "too soon" but then there is no substitute to learning from a broader, untainted audience about their pain points, their needs, their wants around gadgets. Clock is ticking and everyone is furiously working to make sure that we have fixed all the major bugs, are category complete for the launch and are op  read more »