Retrevo Acquired by Shopzilla

Shopzilla Shopzilla, a leader in online shopping, today announced the acquisition of Retrevo.com, a popular and award winning web site for shoppers looking to buy consumer electronic products. Retrevo.com complements Shopzilla's other web properties, which include Bizrate.com, a leading price comparison site, and Beso.com, a site for shopping ideas and style inspiration. Click Here to read more.

How to choose a smartphone


It’s good to have a tech-savvy friend to provide assistance and make sure you don’t get conned into buying old technology at inflated prices. If you don’t have a friend in the know, [sites like] Retrevo can help you find the right device at the right price. Click Here to read more.


Retrevo.com Wins Bing Editor's Choice


This week Retrevo.com was honored as a Bing "Editor's Pick" in the gadget websites category. We'd like to take this moment and thank the people at Microsoft's Bing for this honor, our amazing Retrevo Team, and of course our users, fans and followers. We couldn't have done this without you. Thank you. Click Here to read more.


When in Doubt Over Electronics, Try Retrevo.com





Luckily for all of us out there who are unsure about what new electronics to purchase this year, there is no need to worry because we have Retrevo.com, one the world’s largest consumer electronics review and shopping sites.

“Retrevo offers a unique, trusted experience designed to guide shoppers through the entire shopping experience, from discovery, to learning, to research, to purchase, to accessorizing,” said Manish Rathi, Retrevo’s co-founder and VP of Marketing. “In fact, Retrevo is the one site that thoroughly covers every aspect of consumer electronics ownership. We even help people find their lost manuals for over 100,000 products.” Click Here to read more.


Get Recession Ready: Manuals for Repair


Retrevo is a real find of a website. It not only found the manual instantly, but has price comparisons, user reviews, ratings and more. Click Here to read more.


Buying The Best Tech in 2012: Four Ways Retrevo.com Helps Shoppers


The year’s big CES show is over and new tablets, laptops, cell phones and HDTVs are making their way to market but how will shoppers know when they’re getting the right gadget, at the best price, and when its the right time to buy?

Retrevo.com is ready to help shoppers make smart decisions with a handful of smart, real-time, data-driven shopping tools designed by some of the smartest scientists in the business. Click Here to read more.


Six Ways TVs of The Future Will Become More Intelligent



Contributed Article By Andrew Eisner of Retrevo.com

Aside from 3D, HDTV, and color, changes in television set technology have been slow and subtle over the years, but with today’s changing tech landscape, TVs of the not-so-distant future could be intuitive, interactive devices that “watch us.” With the annual Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, let’s look at some of the ways in which we can expect TVs to change. Click Here to read more.


How to Get the Best Deals Shopping Online





At Retrevo.com, you'll find informed analysis and commentary by experts who scour the web for deals on consumer electronics products and advice on which products are worth buying or best avoided. Each deal located by Retrevo is evaluated based on the product’s sale price relative to competitive prices, its price history, its “fair price” (determined by Retrevo), its features and specifications, and where it is in its lifecycle. When the sale price drops significantly and is below the fair price for the product, Retrevo flags the offer as a good deal. There's also a Best Values page that visually depicts the best and worst products to buy on a "value map." Click Here to read more.


The Future of Shopping: Talking Shelves! No Check-Out Lines! Virtual Reality!




By Vipin Jain, CEO & Co-Founder of Retrevo.com

Meeting the customer's needs is arguably the first rule of running a successful retail business, and with the adoption of today's smartphones and various mobile technologies, retailers have an opportunity to serve their customers like never before. However, instead of embracing their digital destiny, many well-known stores are instead losing customers to tech-savvy online retailers such as Amazon.com. Often, in-store shoppers aren't even waiting until they get home to go online and shop elsewhere--they're doing it from their cell phones, right there in the store.

A recent study published by the consumer electronics and shopping Web site Retrevo found that 43 percent of smartphone-toting shoppers have downloaded a retailer's app but that only 14 percent of these shoppers have actually used it to help purchase an item. If you are a retailer, you have to ask yourself, what's the point of having an app if 86 percent of the installed base has never used it?

The problem is that most retailer apps don't actually do anything, or at least not enough. And that's a shame because there are new technologies that are available now--or will be soon--that have the potential to transform the humdrum shopping experience into something delightful and engaging. Here's a preview of your shopping future. Click Here to read more.


How to Avoid Gadget Buyer's Remorse




Q: I was thrilled with my new laptop—until a better model hit stores two weeks after I got it. How can I avoid this kind of buyer's remorse?

A: Of the countless tech-related questions I get from friends and family, one towers above all others: "When is the next iPhone coming out?" My answer is always the same: "I don't know. But I have a pretty good guess!"

At the heart of this question is a fear shared by all would-be gadget buyers: that something better is just around the corner, so buying now would be foolish. But if not now, when?

There is a small but fertile online industry dedicated to answering precisely this question, and the sites that algorithmically answer your when-to-buy queries work quite well. Retrevo (retrevo.com) monitors activity at online retailers, news wires and review sites to compile a dossier on virtually every gadget in the world, including comparative price information, reviews and—crucially—a chart showing how far along a gadget is in its life cycle: "new," "reaching its prime," "over the hill" or "ready to retire." Click Here to read more.


Cool Websites and Tools - Retrevo HDTV Model Decoder


High definition televisions often have model numbers that confuse the average buyer. Thankfully these model numbers are not a random collection of letters and numbers but something that actually make sense. Here to help you decode these model numbers is a web service called Retrevo HDTV Model Decoder, a free to use web service that helps you understand the model numbers of high definition televisions... Click Here to read more.


Retrevo's mobile app hopes to keep consumers in-store

Smartphone-wielding consumers are a common sight in today's brick and mortar stores often shunning sales staff for the information on their mobile screen. Those stores are, according to many, becoming product showrooms but Retrevo has come up with technology that could help keep consumers engaged in-store by helping with product evaluation and discovery... Click Here to read more.


Retrevo Mobile App Aims to be the New Sales Clerk


In many ways brick and mortar retailers are becoming the showrooms for online vendors. People check out the products at the shopping mall and then research and buy them on the web. Gadget shopping and review site Retrevo is trying to turn that around, by turning your smartphone into an in-store mobile sales clerk. Five-year-old Retrevo is in negotiations with big-box chain stores to offer in-store mobile users technology that provides real-time online buzz and information about goods on store shelves... Click Here to read more.


Retrevo develops a mobile ‘salesperson’ app

Retailers witnessing shoppers using mobile phones as shopping aids within their stores will have another way to gain valuable screen time with a soon-to-be-unveiled service from Retrevo Inc., which operates the consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo.com.

Product Graph is a Retrevo technology that can help consumers find products best suited for them, the company says. “The big challenge for most shoppers is where to start,” says Vipin Jain, Retrevo CEO and co-founder. The consumer may not be sure of which type of television, for example, to consider. A retailer’s mobile app incorporating Product Graph can point him to top-rated products and compare their features. The technology could, in effect, replace some of the service provided by a salesperson, Jain says.... Click Here to read more.


Five Ways Mobile Technology Will Revolutionize In-Store Retail Shopping

By Vipin Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, Retrevo.com

...It’s time for big-box retailers to get smart about mobile technology.Customers are ready for smart in-store shopping experiences aided by mobile technology. I’m talking about a future where “smart” shopping apps will thoroughly understand every product on a store’s shelf; they will deeply understand each individual customer: their wants, needs and interest. And from the moment the shopper enters that store these smart apps will help them to discover, evaluate and buy products that are the best fit for them.

Here are five ways that I predict in-store shopping will change in the next few years, and I think you’ll agree that these changes will make the mobile shopping experience of today look like child’s play in comparison... Click Here to read more.


The next steps in mobile marketing

Solutions to mobile shopping today involve either bar-code scanning or QR codes, providing access to a Website of product information. Retrevo and other companies like it believe that the future of mobile marketing is much more dynamic than that and that it’s still a rather untapped tool. There’s a very distinct product-to-product correlation based on all the data that’s out there in the World Wide Web... Click Here to read more.


The 50 Best Websites of 2011

  Gadget-advice site Retrevo focuses on helping you shop for items in popular categories such as HDTVs, cameras, camcorders, laptops, tablets and phones. It aims to steer you toward the right choice for you (it has different recommendations for early adopters and bargain hounds) and to make sure you buy at the right moment (it tracks prices over time to determine if they're rising, falling or holding steady). Its unique Value Maps show how multiple products in a category compare for cost and quality. Other useful features include specs, user reviews and links to online merchants that offer the products in question.... Click Here to read more.

Secret uncovered while comparison shopping for TVs

  When shopping consumers not only must compare brand to brand, but within the same brand. And that's where the website Retrevo comes in. A new feature there allows consumers to compare models.

"We can tell you the closest model that is sold everywhere else on the web as well. Which is similar, so you can decide," said Rathi.

To test it, I picked out a TV at random and put in the model number. Retrevo.com then does its thing... Click Here to read more and see the video.


Retrevo's HDTV Model Decoder

  If you're shopping for an HDTV, you're probably lost in a marketing morass. What's Micro Dimming/Plus? Is Razor LED lighting something I care about? Should I just go with the Motion Flow? Does anybody have any aspirin?

You can ease your headache with a visit to Retrevo.com's HDTV model decoder (retrevo.com/samples/HDTV-Decoder.html ). The shopping site defines marketing terms — you'll learn what Samsung's Micro Dimming/Plus is, as well as Vizio's Razor LED lighting and Sony's Motion Flow — but the most helpful feature tells you the differences among a brand's product lines. So you'll know what separates LG's LK, LV and LW models. Retrevo does that for five other HDTV brands: Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vizio.... Click Here to read more.


Using Semantic Technology and Machine Learning for Consumer Advice: Retrevo

With all the publicity over IBM’s Watson, there has been a lot of discussion about how far computers can go to “replace” people. Of course, I think that is not really the question to ask. It should rather be conceived as how computers can complement people. This complementary nature is also the perspective held by Dr. Aditya Vailaya, Chief Scientist for Retrevo.com. He has a PhD in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning and Statistical Pattern Recognition, as well as significant experience with business applications of this technology.  We recently discussed the role of computers and people in handling complex topics that require some level of both learning and semantic analysis... Click Here to read more.