Retrevo Partners with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 App

Expanding on shopping site Retrevo's mobile platform currently available through Twitter and SMS only, the site has announced a Windows Phone 7 mobile app called RetrevoQ.... Click Here to read more.


Retrevo App for Windows 7 Phone Ready to Roll

Are you one of those hardcore Windows 7 Phone fanboys and just could not wait to get your hands on one?  Retrevo.com, one of my favorite reviews/news site is already on standby with an app build for the the Windows 7 phones.  The app is called RetrevoQ, developed by Retrevo, a Microsoft BizSpark One partner, will feature the same reviews, product comparison and online purchase options as you would find on the desktop version... Click Here to read more.


Google and Apple heat up battle for TV screens

"Everybody is jockeying for position but all eyes are on Google and Apple in this race," said Andrew Eisner content director for consumer site Retrevo.com.

"Google and Apple will be slugging it out to win consumers and own the TV operating system and put apps in the living room. I am a big believer that software sells hardware." Click Here to read more.


Retrevo launches free tech PR monitoring tool


Consumer electronics shopping and review website Retrevo launched a free online monitoring tool focused on tech news and blogs called TechOmetr.

The tool tracks top tech publications and bloggers and the topics and brands they cover. The aggregation of content is indexed daily and offers snippets and links to the corresponding blogs or articles.

Retrevo Director of PR Jennifer Jacobson said the tool was originally developed over the last couple of months a way for tech writers to gauge themselves against other publications and view what was being written about, but then realized it was also a useful tool for tech PR pros.

“Our PR department realized that this was something PR people would use more than anybody,” she said.

The monitoring tool tracks publications such as TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Wired and The NewYork Times' Bits... Click Here to read more.


Americans Own More Gadgets Than Ever. So Why Are Recycling Numbers So Low?


Retrevo.com is a great marketplace for gadgets, and it's chock full of interesting news about electronics, including our habits regarding our electronics. In a recent study, the company found that only 39% of Americans claim to recycle all of their old electronic devices... Click Here to read more.


Microsoft BizSpark Startup of the Day - Retrevo


The BizSpark startup of the day is Retrevo, based in the US. Click the link to read an interview with Manish Rathi, Co-Founder & VP-Marketing of Retrevo. All the best to them and congratulations for being the startup of the day!. Click Here to read more.


Apple heats up living room TV war


Andrew Eisner, director of community and content at consumer electronics recommendation site Retrevo said that from a Silicon Valley perspective, there are two clear contenders set to duke it out: "Again this is all about the apps. Apps make the world go round and everybody is interested in apps. Google is also interested in apps and this is another part of the war with Google for the living room... Click Here to read more.


Apple Reprograms TV

The plethora of announcements from Apple on Wednesday was "underwhelming," Andrew Eisner, director of content at Retrevo, told MacNewsWorld. "I think iPods are in decline because more people are listening to music on their smartphones, although the iPod touch is probably a more attractive option than other iPods," Eisner said. He was not particularly impressed with the Apple TV because "you can easily build this capability into your TV set as a Blu-ray player." Click Here to read more.


New Apple TV Could Shift Video Rental Trends

Over the last year, electronics manufacturers, content providers and rental companies have made a number of partnerships that give consumers more viewing options. TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles and cell phones, among other devices, today have the ability to download and play movies, or stream them online. “The choices are almost dizzying now,” says Andrew Eisner, the director of content for electronics review site Retrevo.com. Click Here to read more.


Apple Takes Aim at Cable With Tiny New Apple TV

Apple’s play is for convenience, but it’s not the cross-platform strategy needed for dominance, wrote Andrew Eisner, a director at online electronics retailer Retrevo.com. “A TV OS vacuum exists at the moment and unfortunately for consumers, TV manufacturers appear to be filling it with their own proprietary offerings,” Eisner wrote recently. “Apple needs to gain control of the third screen or TV screen, after smartphone screens and computer screens, and the TV industry needs to move away from closed environments and let their connected TVs work with all the apps and streaming content that consumers are finding so appealing. Click Here to read more.


TV OS Scrap, Who Will Come Out On Top?

According to Andrew Eisner at Retrevo, TV manufacturers really need to standardize on the OS, for the sake of the customer—and this will probably lead to the ultimate showdown. He writes, "A TV OS vacuum exists at the moment and unfortunately for consumers, TV manufacturers appear to be filling it with their own proprietary offerings. At this year’s CES, we saw all the big players showing off "connected" TVs with proprietary environments offering apps and services from providers like Netflix, Blockbuster, Pandora, and Skype. LG calls their platform “NetCast,” Samsung calls theirs “Samsung Apps” and Vizio has a platform called “Vizio Internet Apps” or VIA...” Click Here to read more.


We Are What We Recharge


“New Yorkers love iPads and other hot, new gadgets. Folks in Massachusetts are partial to e-readers such as Amazon's Kindle.
Folks in Phoenix, however, seem to like their sturdy old tube TVs and VCRs just fine.

These are a few of the findings from the first "Gadget Census" — a survey to determine regional patterns in consumer electronics buying — conducted by Retrevo, a website for tech shoppers.” Click Here to read more.


Retrevo User Manuals: Get Free Manuals For Electronics


“Retrevo User Manuals is a web resource that will be of great convenience to anybody who has lost their product’s manual. The site lists many user manuals of countless consumer electronics. These electronics include printers, routers, monitors, cellphones, car amplifiers, televisions, laptops, GPS devices, and many other types of electronics. Manuals on the site belong to a variety of brand names including Nikon, Lexmark, Pioneer, Philips, and many others.” Click Here to read more.


Retrevo Catalogues Replacement Manuals For Electronics, Appliances


“Whether you lost the manual you had or your latest eBay purchase didn’t come with one, Retrevo’s extensive manual archive can help you find a replacement in no time.

Retrevo’s main bread and butter is as an electronics marketplace. A natural extension of selling tons of electronics gear is helping people download manuals for all their loot. Their index of user manuals is over 100,000 entries strong and covers everything from dishwashers to scanners, calculators to routers and everything in between.

The real test of a database of manuals is how easy it is to find manuals for discontinued products. We had no problem finding manuals for old laptops, projectors, peripherals and even an old stove and fridge. Hit up the link below to browse through their extensive index of manuals.” Click Here to read more.


Understanding New Cellphone Data Plans


“...Other carriers are likely to move to similar pricing buckets as smartphones become more dominant in the market. Carriers offering faster 3G and now 4G connections need to be able to fulfill that data promise to subscribers, but the expense of building the network makes it improbable to continue offering low-priced all-you-can-eat plans, says Manish Rathi, a co-founder of Retrevo.com, which offers user manuals and consumer reviews. “We're at the point where, most people’s next phone is going to be a smartphone if they don’t have one already,” he says. “AT&T is responding to a wider trend, although they’ve seen more [data consumption] with iPhone usage.” Click Here to read more.


Ways to Watch TV for Free


The average cable or satellite bill in the United States is just more than $70 a month. If you add in a couple premium channels and a DVR, it is easy to surpass $100. "We found an overwhelming majority of people under 25 were very keen on online TV. In fact, one in three said they viewed almost all of their TV online," Manish Rathi from Retrevo.com said. Click Here to see the video.



Online tools promote amateur sleuthing



"There are quite a few people who see that cell phone or e-mail account sitting there and can't resist scrolling through a few messages," says Andrew Eisner, director of content at Sunnyvale-based Retrevo. "The younger generation, especially, seems to have fewer reservations about doing this stuff, and they're the same ones who expose the most personal parts of their lives on Facebook. We're breeding a generation of exhibitionists." Click Here to read more.


The Lowdown on Gadget Protection

“If you look under the hood of the policies, you’ll see the same underwriters,” says Vipin Jain, the chief executive of Retrevo.com, an online electronics marketplace that offers user manuals and consumer reviews. But there’s still a wide variety in terms depending on what the middle-man manufacturer, retailer or other vendor wants to offer....

The price gap widens with the likelihood that the item will need repair during the warranty period, Jain says. An extended warranty on a laptop computer, for example, might cost up to 35% of the purchase price in stores; twice what a manufacturer or retailer would charge. Click Here to read more.


Warehouse Club Secrets: How They Make You Spend and How You Can Save

Should You Buy Electronics at Costco?

The electronics category makes up between 6 and 7 percent of Costco's annual sales. Sounds like chump change when you put it that way, but in real money it's actually almost $5 billion a year. (Total annual sales are around $75 billion.) So should you drop cash there for a flatscreen TV or a laptop? Not necessarily, according to Vipin Jain, CEO at Retrevo.com, a popular electronics shopping and review site. We asked, he answered.

Family Circle: Do you find the big brands in Costco or mainly second-tier players?
Vipin Jain: Costco has been selling electronics from day one, but initially there was a lot of resistance from the major manufacturers. They didn't want to be sold in a discount store. So Costco went with new brands like Vizio, which has become much more visible as a result. The big brands took notice of this, and their attitudes started to change. Two or three years ago you didn't always see Sony in Costco, but they're happily selling there now.

FC: How do Costco's prices compare with other retailers'?
VJ: This is an area where they've been very clever. Costco is big enough to cut private deals with manufacturers. As a result, most of the time the electronics products you find at Costco are exclusive to Costco -- you won't find them anywhere else. The differences are slight, like an extra HDMI port or a card reader or something like that. Just enough to get a different product name, so consumers can't directly  compare prices with other retailers that carry the mainstream products.

FC: If an educated shopper were to look behind the curtain, though...
VJ: In most cases Costco's prices are comparable to what you'd find at the online discount retailers. In some cases Costco's prices are slightly higher. In other words they're definitely not some kind of stunning value, just average, and that's at best. There's this perception that Costco's prices are low, and people want to believe they're even lower than they actually are. So they don't double-check. But in the electronics industry there's very little wiggle room on price. The industry already works on very thin margins. You'll get a good price at Costco, but not necessarily the lowest. In general the biggest savings opportunities at Costco are on their store brands. They make 500 to 600 different Kirkland products, none of them electronics... Click Here to read more.