CEO Blog - Social Media: From Adoption to Addiction


By Retrevo's Vipin Jain

While opinions about social media are as diverse as the subjects people tweet about, one thing is certain; more and more people are using and becoming familiar with social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and companies that learn to engage with, or at least monitor their social buzz will be better off than those who burry their heads in the sand.

With the adoption of mobile networks and devices like smart phones, netbooks and the soon-to-be-released iPad, social media has evolved from something people do in front of an office computer, to something they can do from virtually anywhere, even from space. (Don’t believe me, look up @NASA).

Gadgetology Reports Reveals Social Media Trends

Because Retrevo is a web site specializing in consumer electronics information, we conduct regular Gadgetology studies, to find out how consumers use technology in their day-to-day lives.

Our most recent study asked social media users questions such as, when, where, and how much time they spend on sites and services like FaceBook and Twitter. We were not surprised to learn how many people appear to be, shall we say, obsessed with checking in with their social media circles throughout the day and even the night. Not only did we confirm what most people suspect about a new generation of social media users (bordering on abusers), but we also detected an interesting trend where social media is providing many consumers with their morning cup of news... Click Here to read more.


An App for That, Too: How Mobile Is Changing Shopping

  Few retailers have the bandwidth or expertise to answer each and every consumer query on-premise, making this a welcome service. However, for those retailers like Best Buy or HHGregg that pride themselves on in-store expertise and count it as a differentiator, RetrevoQ levels the playing field... Click Here to read more.

Are you ready for extreme retailing?

    5 (retailing) Trends to Watch for

- Local discovery & promotion
- Mobile empowerment
- Community and crowdsourcing
- Mass customization
- Game Mechanics/entertainment commerce

...Another fascinating example was Retrevo. To use Retrevo, customers tweet a product name at Retrevoq and it responds with product information such as what a fair price for that product would be and a link to a wealth of information about the product on the Retrevo’s Web site. The site, like Swoopo, taps several of the upcoming trends outlined above... These types of game-changing companies and trends have the potential to transform how consumers buy products — and how retailers sell them.... Click Here to read more.


Mobile Commerce Appeals to Young Adults

  We spoke with Retrevo’s co-founder and vice president of marketing, Manish Rathi, who said the company implemented the mobile option because of an increase in searches for mobile devices. “Since we started seeing traction, clearly there’s an interest in users,” Rathi said. “It’s getting increasingly harder to make a purchase in the store without fact checking.” Click Here to read more.

US consumers getting the m-retail bug, but are they turning against mobile ads?


US consumers are getting excited about researching retailers and even shopping on mobile, but many are actually being turned off by mobile adverts, a study conducted by Retrevo.com has found... Click Here to read more.

March 4, 2010


Eastman Kodak, Hewlett-Packard Heat Up Words, Printer Pricing

"Since October, the prices of multi-function printers in general have
dropped about 30%," said Vipin Jain, chief executive of Retrevo, an
electronics shopping and review site. "For printers, there's deeper
discounting than for last year."... Click Here to read more.

December 21, 2009


U.S. shoppers prefer shopping with mobile phone: survey


RetrevoQ is another online service that lets users send text or twitter
messages regarding the product to be purchased and receive immediate
replies on recommended stores and a range of prices offered by
different retailers to facilitate buying... Click Here to read more.

December 18, 2009


RetrevoQ Gives Advice For Last Minute Shoppers

Still have some holiday shopping to do and don't know what to buy? Retrevo.com
is a mobile shopping advisor that works from just about any cell phone
to give you instant, up-to-date information about consumer electronics
in the store like Blu-ray players, cameras, and HDTVs. Retrevo gives
you information based on reviews across the web, live pricing, and the
product's lifecycle... Click Here to read more.

December 18, 2009


Mobile Phones Become Essential Tool for Holiday Shopping

Retrevo, an electronics review site, has a service called RetrevoQ that
lets users send a text or Twitter message with the name of the product
they are considering and get an immediate response with a
recommendation of whether to buy it and a range of online prices... Click Here to read more.

December 17, 2009


Holiday Shopping: Spending Money to Stay Connected

I was reviewing data this morning on gadget spending this holiday season and came across an interesting nugget from Retrevo. The gadget search and research site conducted a study just before Black Friday this year on what consumers planned to buy, and how much they planned to spend... Click Here to read more.

December 15, 2009


2010 Predictions

Today's Guests:

Sebastian Rupley , Co-Crank, Editor, GigaOm.com
Andrew Eisner , Community Manager, Retrevo.com
Adam Curry , President, Mevio

... Click Here to See the Video.

December 16, 2009


Last Call for Free Holiday Shipping

An offer of free shipping does not necessarily go hand in hand with a guarantee of holiday delivery, says Manish Rathi, a co-founder of consumer gadget review site Retrevo.com. Gap, for example, had a Dec. 15 deadline for free shipping orders to arrive by Christmas Eve. For standard shipping, its deadline is Dec. 17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Check for deadline information on the site’s “shipping and delivery” page, which is usually located in its customer service section... Click Here to read more.

December 17, 2009


Devouring data exacts toll

"We don't realize how data-intensive Web access and these applications are, and we don't care as long as we're paying a flat fee for unlimited usage," said Vipin Jain, chief executive of Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping Web site. "As soon as you put a cap (on data usage), there's going to be a backlash." Click Here to read more.

December 17, 2009


Gadget advice site Measy will tell you which smartphone to buy

Competitors include Retrevo, which offers product and price comparisons, Wize, which narrows down devices based on functionality, such as text messaging or MP3 player for mobile phones, Hunch, which is a broader decision-making engine based not only on purchases but also on actions such as “should I dump him?”, and GDGT, from the founders of Engadget and Gizmodo, which allows you to narrow down specific product categories by requirements such as location, carrier, size, hardware, and power consumption... Click Here to read more.

December 17, 2009


Retrevo offers instant product reviews

"We are like a lifeline from 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'" said Vipin Jain, chief executive and founder of Retrevo. "We tell you what to buy, when to buy it and where to buy it."

On the surface the site, www.retrevo.com, appears to be similar to other review sites such as CNet. However, instead of staff making the reviews, Retrevo is driven entirely by artificial intelligence.

When a person types in a model number of an electronic product, the program pulls from millions of data points across the Web. Within seconds, a review comes back that gives users quick and easy-to-decipher info... Click Here to read more.

December 16, 2009


Geek-lovers’ Gadget Gift Guide

Money is tight. Maybe you can't afford to give that new iMac your techie is longing for. But there are still many gadgets and services that the tech loving geek in your life will love. Before you begin, you may want to make some geeky moves of your own. One way is to use SMS or Twitter to get electronic product reviews from Retrevo. An article at TechCrunch explains how this works... Click Here to read more.

December 15, 2009


Online Shopping Tricks


Not only are many items cheaper online but it's also easier to comparison shop. Retrevo, Google's product search, CNet and other Web sites will instantly give
you a list of the prices that retailers across the Web are charging for
a product.
.. Click Here to read more.

December 14, 2009


Websites That Help You Save Money and Entertain


As told by Jerry Seregni "This is the ultimate shopping site if you're
shopping for consumer electronics. (Retrevo) has a timeline which shows
you where the product is situated in its product lifecycle, so if
you're buying a product which may be replaced very shortly, buy the
manufacturer, this graph will show you..." Click Here to see the video.

Dec 11, 2009



Why Tech Bows to Best Buy


"Users come into Best Buy for reasonably good answers and solutions to
the question of what's the right gadget to buy," says Manish Rathi,
co-founder of Retrevo, an online product-tracking and review company.
"Wal-Mart can't solve that today. Neither can Amazon." Click Here to read more.

December 10, 2009


Online Coupon Forecast: $12.7B in 2010


According to Retrevo: “20% won’t buy a gadget this holiday season, without a deal or coupon. 35% say a deal or coupon can help them buy a gadget the otherwise would not buy.” Click Here to read more.

December 11, 2009