More reasons not to like the ipad

Besides ATT being a level of telecommunications hell so I would never use them again for anything; the ipad is made by Apple. Since I believe the Apple Logo mocks God, I would rather not even own a computer, than own anything with that logo on it.
iPad? What kind of name is that? Too bad it's not called Stay Free. (The new StayFree computer--all the apps will be free--just like on a desktop.)
It's huge. If I wanted to lug something that big around, I would get a laptop. I purposely bought the HP iPAQ 111 because it is a PC in my hand. I have a desktop and I don't need a phone--where this may have been perfect for my needs, (reading and light media), it is cost prohibitive and I can't see myself pulling it out to read anything when I'm in line or just waiting around for something.
I hear everyone go on and on about the apps that Apple offers. I have added many apps to my Windows based PC, and quite frankly, who has time to look at all the things that are on your device as it is. Through marketing, Apple has made the sheep think that apps are something they have to have (and yes some are necessary) and then told them the more the better (I have more apps then you, ha-ha) and then to add insult to injury--charge for them. On my desktop, I don't have to pay for any add-ons. Yet, even on my Windows based PDA, I have already invested an extra $60 in apps. That has brought the cost of my handheld up to $320 plus my monthly data plan. That's a lot of money for something I really don't use all that often--but more than anything else, I believe this is just the latest attempt of Steve Jobs to bump Bill Gates out of the #1 position of the wealthiest people of the world competition--the bulky ipad--ha!
If keeping up with the neighbors is how you gauge the successfulness of your life, (he has one, she has one, I have to have one too), then by all means, keep buying Apple products.
By the way--moving away from the handheld computer is the biggest mistake that these companies can make. There is an army of us, that only in the last ten years finally got on board with all new technology and really have not much use for texting or a phone for that matter. Most of the apps are really no more than pretty icons to look at rather that anything we actually use. We are readers. That is why the new e-book readers are so wildly successful. My pocket PC can read anything and everything--every kind of file you can name, I can read it somehow with my pocket pc--plus I have the media capability as well. And if I really wanted to turn it into a phone, there is a way to do that as well.
And yes, I know there are smartphones, but the Samsung Omnia, which I consider to be the best of those, (though Verizon is another level of telecommunications hell), cannot handle the things it says it can do. After, downloading files and some software into the device--it fried. I want my handheld to do what my desktop can do--but in my hand. My pocket PC does just that.
Yes, the clarity of your screen is better. So what?


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