New Retrevo Gadget Accessory Marketplace Assures Compatibility

Smartphone Owners Prefer Gadget
Accessories Over Sweaters

If you’re a smartphone owner and you find yourself thinking about cool gadget accessories this year rather than sweaters and scarves, you’re not alone. According to a recent Retrevo Gadgetology study, the majority of younger smartphone owners say they want accessories for their phones and other gadgets more than more traditional items like clothing, books, perfume, and sweets.

Don’t Get an
iPhone Owner a Book or a Sweater

Android owners turned up higher on the list of those younger smartphone owners preferring gadget accessory over other items. The iPhone contingent followed closely however, those tradition BlackBerry owners still like their sweaters and scarves.

Be the first to
try out Retrevo’s new
accessory store

To help all these smartphone owners and any other consumer looking for a compatible gadget accessory, Retrevo is now providing a marketplace for accessories.

The problem with buying accessories is that it can be difficult to find the compatible ones. Not to worry, Retrevo has created a new marketplace that not only solves this problem but makes buying any gadget or gadget accessory simple. The new gadget accessory marketplace at shop.retrevo.com features:

• Compatibility assured
• Large selection of products
• Low prices
• Free shipping
• No questions asked 30 day return policy

Test Drive Shop.Retrevo
Use the accessory finder at the top of the pages to zero in on the right accessory when you check out one of these popular gadget accessory categories:
Cell Phone Chargers
Cell Phone Batteries
Car Mounts
Cell Phone Cases
iPhone Cases
BlackBerry Cases
Camera Accessories
Camcorder Accessories
MP3 Accessories
Try These Handy Quick Picks:
Unbranded batteries for BlackBerry phones can cost less money.
Red leather iPhone cases can be stylish.
Original batteries for Sony camcorders can be more reliable.
A 3-Pack Screen Protector for an iPhone 4 is often a better deal.
An unbranded car charger for an EVO 4G should work just fine.
These FM transmitters for Apple MP3 Players cost less than $25
Have a Gadgetastic Holiday Season!
While many consumers are opening their gifts of sweaters, ties, and scarves, a large group of gadget owners will be hoping that small gift box contains something special for their smartphone or other favorite gadget. We know gadget enthusiasts like you love your gadgets and love to get lots of stuff for them and now Retrevo has a marketplace where shoppers can go to buy the latest gear, gadgets and gadget accessories.

Here's wishing you a gadget accessory-filled holiday season!

The Retrevo Gang

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