Missing a huge part here...

Yes, smaller screens (37" or less) work great with passive...I have 2 on my desk and larger screens are better for active glasses, but the real winner here is not an LCD TV set, it is projection. If you want 3D and are willing to pay a little bit more for it, then go with a projector. My 10' (120") projected image looks much better than a 65" screen because it is so huge and in your face. There are a few good 3D projectors out there now, but the real bargain is the Optoma HD66 at about $700!! It is only 720p, but the image is awesome in 3D and it supports active shutter glasses. But if I am going to have such a sweet setup, then I want my friends over to see it and that can get expensive. The solution, polarized filters for the projector (actually both projectors). By stacking a pair of projectors and placing polarizing filters on them, you can achieve 1080P with passive glasses and literally have the whole block over for a movie. I got the glasses for free at the theater. The only added cost is a second projector, a pair of filters and potentially a video splitter box to separate the right and left signals.

I hear that ReadD is also coming out with a single projector solution soon that uses passive glasses.

So if you are going to go 3D, go big or go home.


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