iPhone texts restrictions

Hi Sara. I read your tips/questions, and found lots of cool information. Thank you.
Something has been nagging me for years, I just bet you have an answer, or maybe your own dedicated hot-line into Mr. Jobs' email box or cell # (hehehehe :-)))

Incoming texts are not private!! How can I stop the 'preview' 4 lines of a new text from being displayed on the phone?

When a text comes in on my i Phone 4 (all models did this), the text MESSAGE IS DISPLAYED on phones' lock screen or home screen. This is wide open for all to see. I need my phone at my hip, not buried in a bag so as to maintain a modicum of privacy.

Suppose I put my phone down on a nearby table instead of holstering back on my hip. Any person sitting next to me merely has to glance over at my phone after the audible tone is heard, and gaze at the first 4-8 lines of an incoming text!

Hey, if you do have a solution for this...kindly copy me on your post. I very rarely go back and look at the sites where I have left a question, I just forget. If you could send me a link, that would tickle me pink! Pamella@cox.net, or pamellalink@gmail.com - either one.

Thanks so much Sarah!!



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