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People wanting to avail themselves of on line content providers should assess the quality of their ISP supplied connection. Is it fast enough? And is it fast enough when you use it?!. And just as important do you have a monthly download limit (cap)? If you have a cap you can look forward to several possibilities: 1) as you approach your cap your download speed will decrease to help you avoid hitting it, and/or 2) When you hit your cap your download speed will default to a very low speed akin to dial up until the next billing cycle starts, or if your speed is maintained, you will be hit with extra charges which are similar to credit cards such as a fixed penalty fee (for example 25.00) for exceeding your monthly cap and a couple of dollars for each 100MB of extra data downloaded.
Shop around within both Cable and DSL ISPs for the type of service that meets your anticipated usage. Also try to avoid bundled services such as cell phone, home phone and internet combos. They lock you in for 2-3 years with hefty $ penalties to alter or cancel the contract. Also if you cancel your Cable TV service but keep cable supplied Internet you may find it was automatically bundled and discounted. Your remaining Internet monthly service charge may increase by 20.00


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