Criticize an Apple product

Criticize an Apple product and sit back to listen to the howls. Why are the members of the AppleCorps so touchy? Mark C makes good points but his tone is so defensive that reading his post makes me want to whack him on his head.

I'm no fan of MS and its bloatware but that doesn't make Apple any hero, not in my book. Long, long ago Jobs decided on a market strategy that avoided head-butting Gates by defining Apple as a Premium Brand as opposed to MS's obsession with market share. Neither gives a damn about their customers, except as providers of cash flow.

In terms of functionality, they're a wash. I've used both, Macs at work and PCs at home, and they're both crap; each in its own way and for the same reason. Neither company writes for the consumer and both worship at the alter of Top Down Hierarchies: Hitler and Stalin, like the Church, had it right, just did it wrong.

For Gates, his is the worship of the fearful and insecure; for Jobs, he was just hardwired that way. Either way, the consumer suffers along with anyone bold enough to try to write for the consumer independently.


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