Some Cool Gadgets and Their Apps

Some Cool Gadgets and Their Apps
Apple recently announced that the App Store now has over 600,000 apps. It seems that everything and everyone has an app these days. Some of the apps that come as companions to gadgets can add a lot of value to a device. Here is a list of some gadgets and their apps that we like. We'd love to learn about more so if you have a favorite gadget with an app, let us know.
Altec Lansing Speaker Dock

We've personally used a couple of Altec Lansing speaker docks and can say not only do they sound good, they have a cool app that can work like an equalizer as well as turn the dock into a clock radio.
Griffin iTrip

Although lots of new cars are coming with iPhone connections or aux ports on the stereo, many cars only have a radio and CD player and one of the only ways to play your iPod or iPhone is with an FM transmitter that broadcasts a "local" signal to an unused FM radio station. The Giffin iTrip app controls their transmitter and makes it easy to find a good station to use.
Sound ID Bluetooth Headset

The Sound Six Bluetooth headset is a light weight (carbon fiber), stylish headset that feels good on your ear and sounds good too. Their iPhone app can control the audio "contour" and also tells you how much battery is left.
Dijit and Beacon

Griffin makes a hardware device that talks to an iPhone and relays an IR signal to tell one of your home entertainment devices what to do. The companion app is from a company called Dijit that acts as a guide and controller for the same entertainment devices. We've tried it and it works as advertised. The only challenge might be positioning the Beacon so it is in line-of-site of your devices.
Set Top Box Apps

Controlling a set top box from your iPhone makes a lot of sense and devices like Roku boxes and the Western Digital WD HD have some handy apps that work like guides and remote controls.

We're big fans of the Sling Box. It's easy to hook up and use. It works with lots of delivery devices like cable and satellite boxes. You can watch TV through a Sling Box for free using the web-based interface but if you want to use your iPhone or iPad it's going to cost you a few bucks but in our opinion, it's worth it.

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