Five Ways Apple Could Blow it On the Next iPhone

Five Ways Apple Could Blow it On the Next iPhone
There's no question that Apple's iPhone is still the King of the Hill and for good reasons including everything from the Retina Display to the 600,000 apps in the App Store. Although the iPhone 4S was a nice improvement with a faster processor and new features like Siri, it's now getting some competition from the Android camp with phones like the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. Rumors about what the next generation iPhone (presumably the iPhone 5) will look like are sparse but that didn't stop our imaginations from running away and creating this list of features we feel could be critical to the competiveness of the next iPhone.
New Dock Connector Yes, we know that there have been compatibility issues with iPhone sizes and dock interchangeability in the past and a new dock standard could be addressed with some sort of adapter but there is a whole industry of aftermarket products from speaker docks to chargers that benefit from a standard docking connector. This is something that we feel Google missed when they didn't specify a standard connector that accessory manufacturers could offer products around. A new iPhone connector standard could create havoc in the Apple ecosystem. The rumor of a new dock connector comes from this article on iLounge
Same Size DisplayThe latest rumors make it sound like the Apple will very likely increase the screen size to 4-inches. Although it's a small step up from 3.5-inches and we hear the increase in size may only come in the vertical dimension we will be very concerned if Apple does not offer a larger display. We understand it's a tough tradeoff between bulk and viewing ability but it appears that consumers like larger displays on their smartphones. Apple could look bad in comparison with smartphones like the 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S III. An edge-to-edge (no bezel) 4 -5-inch display would be a step in the right direction for the next Apple iPhone.
No NFCAlthough consumers have been slow to warm up to the idea of a mobile wallet, it's probably going to happen sooner or later. Many of the new Android phones have integrated NFC, the technology that makes contactless payments and mobile wallets possible. Apple may have plans for a proprietary scheme for using an iPhone to pay for a bus fare but we feel it would be a mistake for Apple to bypass this growing standard that is used widely in other parts of the world.
Limited MemoryThe current iPhone 4S has only 512MB of internal memory while its competitors like the Galaxy S III have twice as much with 1GB. Internal memory can make things, especially graphics intensive apps like games run faster and with more memory you can do more multitasking. Apple needs to become less stingy with RAM in the next generation iPhone.
No New Killer Feature

Although Siri may have disappointed some users with its hit or miss performance it was still a very cool feature that made the iPhone 4S very attractive. Apple had better have something very cool in the works to keep the IPhone on the top of the hill and we're not talking about cloud services. The latest rumors mention a very cool 3D mapping feature from a company Apple acquired a little while ago.

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