This Week in Gadgets

This Week in Gadgets
Apple's WWDC is underway as we write this and Google's IO developer conference is around the corner but here are a few tech items that also caught our eye recently.
LG to Show 440 Pixels Per Inch Display at SID ConferenceWhat could be better than an Apple 326 ppi Retina display? How about a 440 ppi 5-inch AH-IPS LCD display from LG? We're big fans of LG's IPS displays especially after seeing some demos at this year's CES. Of course many "experts" will say you'll never be able to detect a difference, we can't wait to see a device with a 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution display.
Samsung Galaxy S III to Go On Sale June 21stThe latest word is that June 21th is the U.S. release date for the Samsung Galaxy S III however it is possible to pick up an unlocked version for around $800 right now from a retailer on Amazon. The Galaxy S III is considered by some to offer more smartphone than an Apple iPhone. It offers a big 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, NFC support and will run the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.
Smaller Chips From IntelWith 22nm Ivy Bridge chips just hitting the streets in laptops and desktops will Moore's law prevail with more transistors crammed into future chips? It looks like everything is on schedule at least from Intel's perspective with their announcement of 3, 14nm fab facilities planned for around the world.
New Gesture Interface Device

Over 4M people have viewed this video of a new interface device that claims to be so accurate you can sign a document in the air.

New Laser Pointer for iPhoneFor around $80 you can buy a cool laser pointer that plugs into the audio port of your iPhone. You can buy a Smart Dot from the Tangram Design Store. The smart dot app also turns your iPhone into a virtual mouse for a "connected" computer.
Augmented Reality Band-Aid AppHere's a clever app from Band-Aid Magic Vision that adds Muppet characters to a Band-Aid brand bandage.

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