Trends From Computex 2012

Trends From Computex 2012
Taipei, Taiwan is the setting for one of the largest computer shows in the world especially as far as Asia is concerned. Computex took place in early June and offered a valuable insight into the current state of the laptop, desktop and tablet market. Here's what we took away from the coverage.
Ultrabooks and Ultrathins Intel calls thin and light laptops with Intel processors Ultrabooks while AMD calls their version Ultrathins. Whatever you call them Apple's MacBook Air set the bar in the light and thin department and it's up to AMD, Intel and Microsoft to rise to Apple's standard. At Computex there was no shortage of the latest thin and light laptops from manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Toshiba, and others.
Hybrids; Part Laptop, Part TabletA new class of portable computers called "Hybrids" were on display at Computex. The just announced Microsoft Surface could pass as a hybrid with its "keyboard in the cover" and touchscreen display. Asus showed an upgrade to its very popular Transformer Pad Infinity which boosts screen resolution to 1920 x 1080. Samsung and Acer also showed several variations of tablet/keybord combos. Lenovo's Yoga is still the cleverest hybrid with its rotating lid. No doubt Windows 8 with its touchscreen friendly metro UI will help grow the hybrid market.
Windows 8 and WinRT Coming Very SoonMicrosoft is finally going to be offering a non-Intel, ARM-based version of Windows called WinRT. Early versions are running on Nvidia, Qulacomm and TI processors. As far as the user is concerned the experience should be roughly identical to Windows 8 running on an Intel or AMD platform. The only hitch is that most desktop applications with the exception of Office won't run on RT. Reviewers who have had early looks at WinRT machines say they are quite responsive. The big question is how many developers Microsoft can convince to port their apps to RT?

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