on Apple's coat tails.... again

same old story...change the dates.

When Apple created Lisa/Mac albeit from Xerox Parc, Gates stole the ideas of mouse and GUI from Jobs to 'keep up'.

When PC tablets failed (after Newton of course) Jobs STILL made the iPad work because of 'usability and craftsmanship' now suddenly MS has NOT given up on the tablet market because of the outstanding success if the iPad.

I use a mixed environment-I am not snob-probably making less than most of you.

I prefer Apple stuff because they are tough as crap-work fast-have little issues-making me spend LESS time on the technology and MORE getting things done.

I have seen all the laptops, new tablets, new mp3 players etc. they all try to copy Apple design ! new laptops have the MacBook chick-let keys are silver thin subtract the optical drive have an instant on feature etc.

They same "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" when you consider all you get with the Apple that 'premium' you pay for really isn't substantial and is quickly forgotten when you hear the problems are your friend who , just as fanatically, follow the MS Pied Piper to eventual demise and unproductiveness.

You just have to be open-minded that you are going to use whatever works best--at that time.
(at one time it happened to be a Timex-Sinclair for myself-so I have seen the entire industry unfold)

Technology is much like clothing styles. what is in style today will be laughed about in 5 years and (re)embraced in 10.

In closing, I have a great deal of respect for Apple as they really don't care what the market is dictating at the time-they end up dictating what the market will be. Their stuff is THAT good.

MB from Pittsburgh


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