Ways to Get iOS 6 Features Now

Ways to Get iOS 6 Features Now
At their recent World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled a host of new features that will appear in iOS 6 when it gets released sometime this fall. In case you can't wait until iOS 6 becomes available to the public (if you're a developer, you can load a beta version now), or you don't even have an iPhone, here are some ways you can experience some of those cool new iOS 6 features.
New Siri Features in Cydia TweaksSome of Siri's new features in iOS 6 include the ability to look up sports info and compose Tweets without using the keyboard. If you jailbreak your iPhone you can use SiriSports from Cydia under ModMyi and get a lot of sports info that you couldn't get before. Also in ModMyi repo is a tweak called Sirett which lets you use Siri to send a Tweet.
Siri Features Already in Android There are a few good voice command programs for Android. Among the best is Vlingo Virtual Assistant which has been around for a while and is the engine running SVoice on the Samsung Galaxy S III. You can send txt messages and do all kinds of lookups using voice commands. If you can wait for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), you'll be able to use voice commands with Google's Voice Assistant and maybe you won't even have to ask your Android phone anything when Google Now anticipates things you might want to know like what the weather is going to be today.
Do Not Disturb on iOS 5 Using Cydia TweakThe Do Not Disturb feature that allows you to respond to calls without actually answering the phone got a lot of applause at WWDC. A Cydia tweak called "BannerDisable" doesn't quite do as much as iOS 6's version but it does allow you to disable all banner notifications with a toggle switch.
Android's Tasker Will Silence Your Phone and MoreAlthough we expect to see "Do Not Disturb" features built into future versions of Android, there's an Android app called Tasker that does a lot of what you will get in iOS 6 and more. You can program Tasker to do things like disable notifications according to time or location and much more.
Turn by Turn Navigation on iPhones NowUntil iOS 6 makes its appearance, in order to get turn-by-turn navigation on an iPhone you'll have to rely on third-party apps and that include the popular TomTom app which costs $59.99 and Garmin's Navigon for $29.99. If you don't want to spend the money on an app you could give Telenav's Scout (30 day free trial then $9.99 a year) or the free crowd-sourced app, Waze, a try.
Turn by Turn Navigation Has Been on Android for Awhile Not only do most Android phones offer Google Maps Navigation for free, there are many good quality Android apps like Waze, the crowd-sourced navigation app that can help you find your way or the cheapest gas.
Facebook Integration on Cydia and AndroidAlthough, some say, since Apple has such tight control over the OS getting some of the cool Facebook integrations features in iOS 6 before it's released could be difficult, there's a Cydia tweak you can use right now called Fusion. Fusion not only allows you to make updates to Facebook but you can also use it with Foursquare and Twitter and you can use Siri as well. The other Cydia tweak we like is called "FacebookThis" which makes it easy to upload photos from photo apps.

If you don't want to jailbreak your iPhone, you can come closer to some of the new iOS 6 features using the Facebook Camera app which makes uploading photos easy or you could set up Evernote to "share" to Facebook.

Android users have had a "share" button available to share content on many services including Facebook and Twitter.

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