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In the reply to jailbreaking and the FREE apps that are available out there for iphones, there is always some 'moral, upstanding, holier than thou -politically correct', Mr Joe Citizen who takes it wrong and says that jailbreaking a phone and running open source -is stealing. That's exactly what SOME of these manufactures want you to think. So, if you want to think that way, then -be the good little sheep and just follow all the other sheep in front of you... Your view will always be the same. There are plenty of open source apps out there where I dont NEED to buy them. In fact, What I can't find for free, I will develop myself. -If you got the dough to spend on the latest greatest iphone/pad/pod whatever -more power to ya. But get a clue as to how the other half live too... Get your nose out of the air (or the other sheep in front of you...). To insinuate that open source is stealing is preposterous. BTW, someone that does not know what they are doing can really scramble their system, so education is key here. (something else that sheep dont have a clue about -it's easier to just repeat what they have been told without checking the facts themselves...) The truth is: Manufactures do not want to be responsible for consumers lack of intelligence -so they make disclaimers that exclude rooted/jailbroke devices from their warranties. Who knows, but maybe a sheep will see this and find a cure for being a sheep -only to become HUMAN again...


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