State Sales Tax

My last purchase from Amazon was completed in September 2012. I have not been charged any sales tax yet. But a strange thing happened with Amazon in August 2012. Before I was able to complete my purchase, I had to do updates to my Amazon account. I was suspicious and closed out the internet browser, did a spyware and virius cleanup, which resulted in no found security breeches. Then I attempted to make the purchase again. Until I did the updates, I was unable to make any purchases with Amazon. They did require my SSN. I contacted Amazon by phone and got shuffled around from person to person before I was able to get conformation that in some cases, Amazon was requiring select buyers to modify their accounts with their SSN. Amazon was very secretive about it and would not comment on why. Since then, I haven't heard anything else about this, nor do I have any indication of any identy theft to myself. I probably should do a current credit check on myself.
It is my opinion that online mechants are under pressure from state governments to link purchases with SSNs and provide that info for tax collection. From what I'm reading, there is currently a bill being pushed through congress that gives the federal government the ability to read all emails and electronic communications WITHOUT A WARRANT. My suspicions are that also my state is putting great pressure on Amazon and probably other large online retailers to provide sales purchases info to the state to aid in tax collection.
In conclusion, whether the online sales are declared exempt from sales taxes or not, I believe the final determining factor is what is stated in your states yearly 1040 tax return booklet. Basically, looking forward, you should keep a record of all you online purchases to aid in your filling of your tax returns.


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