Seven Things to Do With Your Old iPad

Seven Things to Do With Your Old iPad
The iPad (One - 1st Generation) was a revolutionary product when it was first announced by Steve Jobs on January 27, 2010 but now they're up to the fourth generation iPad and it has a lot more going for it, including a Retina display much more processing power, a better camera and on and on. If you're yearning to buy a new iPad or even the iPad Mini but would like to properly "retire" or even "repurpose" your old iPad before you do, here are some ideas that could make it easier to justify treating yourself to that new iPad.
1. Sell Your Old iPad on ebay or AmazonThe going rate for a used 16GB 1st generation iPad is about $250. If you don't want to donate your old iPad or "repurpose" it, consider posting it on craigslist, ebay or somewhere else. Don't forget to back up the data to your computer and the wipe everything out on your device by "restoring" it without using the backup. Here's a good article on preparing your iPad for sale.
2. Sell it Through a BrokerIf you're uneasy about selling your iPad yourself, there are brokers who will be happy to sell it for you. Gazelle, BuyMyTronics.com, NextWorth, and YouRenew.com are some of the popular services that will price your device and sell it for you. Apple even offers to take your old Apple products off your hands but probably for less than you can get elsewhere..
3. Donate it to a School or CharityDonating your iPad can be a way to provide a good home for it. One organization Recycling for Charities, doesn't so much as find a home for your device but sells it and donates the proceeds to charities. Another organization, Computers With Causes will evaluate your computer donation and if it is useable, they'll give it to a someone who can use it.
4. Keep it in Your Car as a GPS or Music and Video PlayerA good, large screen GPS device like a 7-inch Garmin StreetPilot could cost you around $250 or more. Admittedly, unless you have the 3G model, you may have to be tethered to a 3G or 4G phone in order to get real-time mapping or streaming capability but iPads can be used as in-car entertainment devices without being connected. Leaving an iPad in the car (out of sight) along with a charger and audio connection can make it easier than moving everything in and out of the car. There are also plenty of iPad car mounts to choose from ranging from seat back and dashboard suction mounts from companies like Arkon to more permanent installations like this one from Sound Man.
5 Keep it by Your Bedside as a Clock Radio For $2.99 you can purchase a very good looking and versatile clock app for you iPad called Clock Pro that will help turn your iPad in a very stylish bedside clock radio. For around $80 you can add a good looking iHome speaker dock that will also keep your iPad charged. Just leave your old iPad next to your bed and you'll always have it handy to play music, watch movies, solve crossword puzzles on or whatever else you like to do on your iPad in the comfort of your own bed.
6. Leave Your Old iPad in the Living Room as a Remote or Home ControllerA Logitech Harmony remote, considered one of the standards by which other remotes are judged can cost over $200 but at least the Harmony sends out IR beams which is what most devices use. Unfortunately Apple iPads (and iPhones) don't send IR signals so you need a separate device that uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to talk to your iPad and before it can send the appropriate commands via IR. The iRule company sells just such a device which runs a little over $100 to go with its free app. For about $70 you can buy Griffin Technology's Beacon which works with their app and others like Dijit's free TV guide and remote control app. You can also control all kinds of other things in your home on your iPad including the very cool Nest Thermostat.
7. Make it Your Kitchen ComputerFor $70 you can buy a cutting board with a built-in iPad stand along with some plastic sleeves ($20 for 25 sleeves) so you can watch cooking videos and prepare the food in one place. Belkin also sells a mount for $50 that holds an iPad onto a cabinet. Not only can you use your kitchen iPad as a recipe file but you can watch TV shows, listen to music or have video calls right in your kitchen. .

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