a lot of what you say is close, and i tell my customers this all the time. however, that being said you can not begin to compare a blu ray to a standard upscale movie. reason being is there is something like 7 times more information on the blu ray disc. this means more lossless audio and video going through to your tv without any need for processing. processing fills in the blanks, and much like a poorly compressed mp3, when information is compressed, then uncompressed and the blanks are filled in, you get distortion and misrepresentation of the original source. the other thing that blu ray has to offer is something like potential of 16 layers on a disc, which will effectively make a completely losless format on a disc (or an entire season of tv on one disc).

also, the hd cables, not all retailers try to upsell you cables. there is a definite need for higher quality cables, but most people don't want to hear it. anyone who has hooked up a 120hz lcd with a 4.2gbs hdmi cable will tell you there is a reason some cables cost more. there just isn't enough bandwith to support certain signals with low quality cables. no matter how much you think the cables don't matter, they do.

finally, the "extended warranty" part. the way you have to look at it is a gamble. either you plunk down an extra $250 on a $1200 tv up front, and hope you never have to use it, or you throw out about $65-70 an hour for labor and a part that could run you $400 itself, let alone the time that it will take to fix it. most of the time you won't need them, but when you do, it's a lot cheaper than getting a new tv.


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