Communications Policy


Retrevo Communications Policy

This is a non-lawyer speak version of our communications policy. We try to explain in simple English your options should you graciously allow us to consider you a member of the Retrevo community. Should you wish to read our official corporate privacy policy click here.

Retrevo places tremendous value on your privacy and greatly appreciates your patronage. By providing your email address we will add you to our community mailing list and send you periodic emails FROM RETREVO with helpful tips, promotions, special reports or other topics we feel may be of value to our community. We emphasized the from Retrevo part because we will never sell, rent or provide your email address to others. We don't like receiving unwanted email from sites we did not directly authorize and we're sure you feel the same.

Over time we will improve our communications ability and provide you with more personalization options so you can get just the information subjects that are of interest to you and in delivery methods you want.
If you wish NOT to receive email from Retrevo there's a couple options available:

  1. Don't enter it when downloading a manual
  2. If you've already provided us with your email address no worries. Just click the unsubscribe link in the next email you get from us. We don't send that many so you may have to wait for a few weeks. We also actually REMOVE you when you click that link (Yes, we also hate when other companies don't do this so we won't do it to you).
  3. If you REALLY, REALLY want us to scream at us and don't trust the unsubscribe link, pls tell us using our feedback form here. Remember to give us the correct email you want us to remove.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to provide us with your feedback. Please use the feedback form here or which is also on the top right of most of our pages.

Thank You

The Retrevo Gang