Daylight Saving Time is here - are your gadgets ready?

March Madness and an HDTV to go with it

Madness begins on the 20th, down to sweet sixteen by the 27th and the final four on April 5th. More importantly though, is this going to be the year you watch the games in HDTV ? It's time to use Retrevo to help select the best value in HDTV.
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It's Daylight Saving Time again -
time to get your gadgets set

March 9, 2008 is Daylight Saving Time. Last year (2007) was the first time in 20 years that daylight savings was changed, occurring sooner and causing gadgets and people to be confused. Do you know how to change the date for your gadgets ? Will your gadgets mistakenly try to adjust the clock on the first Sunday in April, 2008?
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Digital TV Switchover

Just about one year from now on February 17, 2009 analog TV signals will be turned off and only digital TV signals will be transmitted over the air. Will you need to replace your TV in 2009 or will you be able to use a government issued coupon to purchase a digital TV converter box?
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