Father's Day

Find gifts for your Dad's personality.
If you are a Dad, do yourself a favor and just send this to your kids.

Outdoor Dads

Does your father like to spend time in the great outdoors? Does he go on fishing trips, backpack, ride a bicycle or go running? Read more »

Indoor Dads

Does your father log serious hours in front of the tube watching sports or movies? Is he happier spending the afternoon at a ball game rather than a matinee for the symphony?
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Professional Dads

Is your father a man of the world? Is he a doctor, lawyer, or businessman who spends his time on the road, at social events, on the golf course, or at art museums?
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Your Father Just Might be a Nerd

There’s one more type of Dad that any self respecting gadget site would be remiss to include and that’s the Dad that loves to play with gadgets.
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Graduation Gadget Gifts for under $50
Here are some recommendations for today's generation of gadget savvy grads that will save you enough money to pay for the gas to get to the ceremony.
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