Protect Your Laptop From Theft

Protect Your Laptop From Theft Part I
Statistics say a laptop goes missing almost once a minute. Here are some ways you can help prevent it from happening to your laptop. Part II will tell you how to recover a stolen laptop.
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Retrevo's Special Selections
Retrevo editors select the the best products in the hottest categories
Energy Savers
The energy star program that helped make refrigerators and washing machines more energy efficient is now reducing the energy use of TVs. Here are some 1080p LCD TVs that are EPA Energy Star compliant and rated for good value too.
Theaters on a Budget
A good sound system can actually make the video look better. You can expect decent speakers, 5.1 channel sound, all the standard decoders, and even a Blu-ray player; all for under $500.
Top 1080p Projectors
Front projectors fill the wall of a medium sized room. Add a ceiling mount and screen and you can start charging for admission. These projectors all do 1080p and are plenty bright enough for most rooms.
March Madness
There are lots of good excuses to go out and buy a new high definition TV, and March Madness is one of them. If you’ve watched sporting events in high def you know it’s almost like being at the game. Here are some recommendations for TV sets that got game.
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