Seven Features of an Apple Netbook

Seven Features of An Apple Netbook
The word on the street says an Apple netbook is in the works. We have a list of features we think Apple will likely include and others we wish they would.
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Watch technology super stars like Robert Scoble describe what gadgets they take on the road. Retrevo welcomes videos of your gadgets and gear too.
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Retrevo editors select the the best products in the hottest categories
There are only two kinds of MP3 players
You can go with the mainstream and get an Apple iPod or listen different with one of these non-Apple MP3 players
Stop the madness with these fast TVs
Fast times demand fast TVs. LCD TVs with 120Hz refresh rates can eliminate blurry basketballs.
Next time, leave home with one of these
It’s no wonder Netbooks are taking the laptop market by storm. They’re small, light, inexpensive, and run for hours.
March Madness
March madness has begun. It’s not too late to pick up a big screen TV before the Final Four. Here’s a guide to buying TVs for watching sports and more.
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