More of the Deal on the Black Friday Deals

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More of the Deal on
the Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2009 products are starting to emerge and it looks like there are all different kinds from a few killer deals like the recent $99 Xbox 360 Arcade, to some real duds like a rumored Delstar 7 netbook at Kmart that runs Windows CE. Some retailers are offering spot deals leading up to Black Friday. In particular, it looks like Walmart and Amazon are going to be slugging it out with Walmart offering aggressive prices on the weekend and Amazon countering online.

Black Friday Resource Center
Makes it Easy to Spot the Deals

Use the Retrevo Black Friday Resource Center for a quick assessment of Black Friday products and prices. You’ll find a list of Black Friday items that’s updated daily along with links to “real-time” reviews.

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And Now, the Deals
Here’s an overview of what to expect for gadget deals in popular consumer electronics categories this Black Friday.


Expect to see good deals on TomTom devices but you might be better off paying a few dollars more for a better quality GPS.

Digital Cameras

You won’t find state-of-the-art cameras on any Black Friday deal list but you may find a good “second” camera for under $100.


Lots of good older plasma TVs, if you don’t want to go with the mainstream LCD TVs.

Blu-ray Players

Pay attention to the "Profile" level when evaluating Blu-ray player deals.

Laptops and Netbooks

This may be the year of the $300 Windows 7 laptop.

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