Will the iPad kill the Kindle?

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Five Reasons Why the iPad
Will Not Kill the Kindle

The iPad should start to appear in people's hands next week. Will it be a better e-Reader than all the other e-Readers?
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Should a Nine Year Old Have a Cell Phone?
What do you tell your child when they tell you all the other kids their age have their own cell phones? Here’s what other parents think about their child’s first phone, computer and TV.
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Easy Ways to Improve Your Life
with Good Audio Gear

The hows and whys of good audio from speakers to specs; here’s how to make your life better with good quality sound.
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Retrevo's Special Selections
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These Desktops Offer Lots of Bang for the Buck
Yes, laptops are very practical but for well under $1000 you can get a powerful desktop running Windows 7.
If You Still Want a Laptop…
New laptops from the likes of HP and Toshiba offer lots of power for under $1,000.
Get a Second Monitor and Increase Your Productivity
Whether you have a desktop or a notebook, you should consider adding a second big screen, high resolution monitor.
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