Should you buy an iPad?

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To iPad or Not to iPad,
What’s the Verdict?

The iPad is in the hands of users. What are they saying; thumbs up or thumbs down?
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Retrevo Gadget Census
You've taken the U.S, Census now take the Gadget Census. You can fill it out in a few minutes and help Retrevo discover who owns what gadgets all around the country.
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Are Game Consoles the Worst
Home Energy Wasters?

If you don’t turn your game console off when it’s not in use, you should seriously consider it, here’s why.
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How to Play Your Music in
Every Room of the House

The ins and outs of listening to your tunes everywhere in the house
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Retrevo's Special Selections
Retrevo editors select the best products in the hottest categories
These Netbooks Cost a lot Less Than an iPad
Yes, the iPad is cool and innovative but netbooks have real keyboards and high resolution screens too.
For the Price of an iPad You Can Buy an HDTV
Here are some of the latest deals on HDTVs
Affordable Home Theater Systems Cheaper
Than Some iPads

You have the HDTV so get a sound system to complete the experience.
Never Lose a Manual Again
In case you forgot, Retrevo will store the manuals for all your gear and gadgets. We can find more than 100,000 manuals for you. Take advantage of this service right now.
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